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How Do Mystery Boxes Work? | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Fox Airsoft Tang on

What is an Airsoft Mystery box? An Airsoft Mystery Box is a gift box designed just for you and is filled with a random assortment of items that can include Airsoft guns, gear and accessories. If you're just starting out and you're a new player, this is a great way to get some essential items into your collection, as well as cool guns and gear. For you experienced players that already have everything, the upper tier Mystery Boxes are a great way to add some high-end guns and other Airsoft items to your collection that you didn't know you needed. The Fox Airsoft Mystery Boxes also make great gifts for the anyone you know who might be into airsoft. We have different price levels for our mystery boxes. These boxes range from $25 to $500. The value that we give in items will go up as you move up to the higher priced items so the more you spend with us the higher the proportion of value in items we will give back. All items sent are brand new, not used or broken unlike some other boxes that might be out there.

To satisfy your curiosity as to what goes into a Mystery Box and what it's like to receive one, we are going to do a sort of "mock unboxing" today. I had our guys here make me four mystery boxes for me to open up before your eyes and I will give you a rundown on what the items are and what's cool about them. These are our $50 based Mystery Boxes, so let's get started. As mentioned, it'll be filled with random items (four or five items at least) and they'll all value in total, at least $70 for the $50 box. One of these boxes will also be one that is considered a "winner", which is where you have a 1:20 shot of getting an AEG in your $50 Mystery Box.

Click to purchase a $50 Mystery Box

$50 Mystery Box 1

Box 1 Contents
Item 1: PVC morale patch
With this box, the first item we got here is a patch. These are known as morale patches. They can be stitched or PVC rubber material. We have a random assortment, so you will get some cool ones in the box. These are fun ones that all airsofters love that add some flare to your gear and bags.

Item 2: DEFCON Gear single-point sling
Our next item is going to be a DEFCON gear, single-point sling. A sling is definitely essential, especially when you're starting out to carry your rifle. A single-point attaches at a single point, such as this loop found on the back of many M4 or HK style AEGs.

Item 3: 90-rd Speed Loader
Next up is the 90 round speed loader. This one's made by Lancer Tactical. They come with little attachments so that you can use them in various magazines, like gas guns.

If you are unfamiliar with this tool, please refer to my How to Use That New AEG Blog Pt. 1 on why you need one. This tool is required to load a Midcap magazine so this will be an item that you will use quite a bit..

Item 4: Lancer Tactical Paracord Bracelet
Next up is a Lancer Tactical paracord bracelet, usually known as survival bracelets. If you're a scout, you probably know already that carrying some cordage for emergencies is a good idea. These could be used for emergency shelter, in first-aid, lash down gear, or just look cool in general.

Item 5: ASG Steyr M9-A1 CO2 pistol

The last item in this box is the ASG Steyr M9-A1. This is a non-blowblack CO2 pistol that shoots petty hard. The construction is mostly plastic, however, it's very stout feeling. There's not any wobbles. One cool touch on this pistol is it has fiber optic sights for easier aim. Adding all that up, you're getting at least $70 in value. This should be the baseline that you should expect from us.

Click to purchase an ASG Steyr M9A1 By Itself

$50 Mystery Box 2

Box 2 Contents
Item 1: 480-round Speed Loader

All right, moving on to box number two. Once again, we have a BB loader. This one's the larger one that I showed you earlier. This is the 480 rounder capacity loader by Lancer Tactical. This can fill more midcap magazines at once before you have to put in more BBs.

Item 2: PVC Patch
Next up, we have another patch, a PVC patch. This one pictured is a cool one featuring two suppressed pistols.

Item 3: Rail-mounted Laser
Next is a rail-mounted laser. This one is a pretty funny accessory to have. It comes with the batteries and mounting hardware. You press on the pressure switch to activate it.

Item 4: ASG Silicon Oil
Next up is the ASG silicone oil. Definitely an essential item to keeping your Airsoft guns running longer. Again, going back to our previous video on AEG basics, this is an item you can't live without.

Item 5: ASG Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

Lastly, we have the ASG Bersa Thunder 9 Pro. This is another CO2 pistol that's not a blowback. It has a mostly plastic construction, but it's a very shooting gun. The CO2 is stored in the grip and it can hold at least 15 rounds.

Click to purchase an ASG Bersa Thunder 9 Pro By Itself

$50 Mystery Box 3

Box 3 Contents:
Item 1: ASG 12-g CO2 Cartridges
All right, moving onto our third box, we have a package of ASG CO2. These are five to a pack and that'll get you started on using the CO2 pistol you're likely to get.

Item 2: Lancer Tactical Single Point Sling
We also have a Lancer Tactical single point sling. This is just like the other sling, but Lancer Tactical brand. They both do the same thing.

Item 3: Elite Force Kill Rag
These are very handy to attach them to your MOLLE gear. This signals that you're out from play so that way you don't get overshot. When you pull on the tab it exposes a highly visible red flag which will signal to other players that you have been hit. It tucks back in easily so you can have it look nice and neat again.

Click to purchase an Elite Force Kill Rag by Itself

Item 4: Morale Patch
Next up, we have another patch. No explanation needed here!

Item 5: ASG CZ-75D Compact CO2 pistol

Lastly, an ASG CZ 75 D, a compact CO2 pistol. This gun performs very similar to the other pistols I showed you. It's modeled after the compact CZ 75, so it's not as big as the other gun, but very nice and comfy for all players. If you need a refresher on how these pistols work, you can refer to our pistol video, which will explain all the mechanics and maintenance and how to use all these pistols.

Click to purchase an ASG CZ-75D Compact By Itself

Box 4 Revealed:

Box 4 Contents
One in out of every 20 orders for our $50 mystery box will get upgraded to something special. Obviously, this size box means something big's gonna come in it.

Item 1: M9 Rubber Bayonet
So let's start off with we have a Lancer Tactical bayonet. It's a cool, fun accessory just for finishing your loadout or getting some stealthy kills, if your field allows it. It can attach to the barrel of standard M4A1-style guns too.

Item 2: Elite Force 9.6v battery
Our next item is the Elite Force 9.6 butterfly battery. This is a very common and great quality battery that most guns can use.

Item 3: Condor Two-Point Sling
We also have the Condor two point tactical sling. This one is installed by two points. So you'll need a front and rear sling loop to make this work. You can hold a gun that is pretty heavy a lot more comfortably than with a single-point sling.

Item 4: ASG Smart Charger
Next up is the ASG smart charger. This is, again, another essential item that you can't live without, especially when playing Airsoft a lot. I would always recommend upgrading to a smart charger if you don't have it already. So onto the big ticket item.

Item 5: Elite Force M4 CQC
Looks like in this sample box, we have the Elite Force M4 CQC. Now as I said, one out of every 20 orders for the $50 mystery box will get upgraded to an AEG. So if you're looking to take a chance, you will at least get some decent quality stuff. But if you score big, you'll score something like this. The guns will vary but at that point you've only spent $50 and you're already scoring big!

Click to purchase an Elite Force M4 CQC by itself


So hopefully, I shed some light on that mystery. But if you're looking to score some great stuff to start out with for the money, these are a solid buy. See you next time!

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