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ICS UK1 Quick Change Spring Upper Gearboxes!

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ICS has been one of the leading innovating manufacturers in the airsoft world. They have outdone themselves with their split gearbox designs, making tech work much easier by eliminating the need to completely tear apart the gun to figure out what is wrong with it. By simply removing the rear body pin and opening up the gun, you can easily diagnose your rifle, and make modifications or repairs in a much easier fashion. They have outdone themselves once more, as there is now a Quick Change Spring guide on all of their UK1 gearboxes, including newer TransforM4 models.

ICS UK1 Upper Gearbox - works with TransforM4 and PAR MK3 series rifles


The ICS UK1 Split Gearbox Design has already made a lot of people's live much easier, allowing you to make modifications to the gun much simpler by only having to work on one half of the gearbox rather than the entire gearbox. Throwing in a different spring, replacing a piston, putting in an aftermarket cylinder, testing how good your compression is on your setup has never been easier. 

But one of the more difficult upgrades for some people has been throwing in a tougher spring - which is quite understandable. While it's not as bad as needing to take apart an entire gearbox and spending up to an hour or more reassembling an entire gearbox, if not done carefully, pieces can still go flying. ICS has introduced the ICS UK1 Upper Gearbox with Quick Change Spring Guide which makes everything MUCH easier. By simply inserting an Allen Key into the back of the spring guide and pushing in and turning, the spring guide and spring comes out. No need to disassemble the gearbox, allowing you to actually change the way you play without needing to disassemble anything!

The gearbox comes fully assembled with everything already inside - stock ICS ~400FPS spring, ported cylinder assembly, piston, ball bearing quick change spring guide, tappet plate, nozzle, the whole kit and caboodle. It's fully capable of being upgraded with standard version 2 parts, with the exception of the spring guide. The actual takedown and reassembly of this took less than 30 minutes, and that's also the time that it took to get out the camera and snap a couple of pictures!

The addition of the quick change spring guide even made disassembly and reassembly easier, as you no longer have to hold everything together for dear life and pray that the gearbox doesn't explode on you. Simply removing the spring beforehand, and for reassembly, add the spring in after the gearbox has been put together. 

The gearbox is making its way into the compatible UK1 systems, such as the TransforM4's, the PAR MK3's, and has been seen on the ICS SPR / CQB Combo package as well. If you're looking to add an additional gearbox for multiple ways to play, this is definitely worth looking into. Rather than needing to buy three different gearboxes for CQB, outdoor field, and DMR use, you can simply buy one of these and get three different springs! 

We're very excited to add these to our inventory, and even more thrilled that these are now on newer shipments of the UK1 systems!

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