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Glock Officially Licensed Airsoft Training Pistols | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Matt on

Hey, guys. Matt with Fox Airsoft, and I'm here today to show you the new law enforcement edition Glock 17 training pistol. Now, as I just talked about, this is law enforcement only, so unfortunately civilian consumers, this one isn't for you. The good news is that will be coming out here really soon down the road.

Now, this edition though, is designed for training with your department, and it is going to fit your standard Glock 17 holsters, which is really nice. In terms of powering the pistol, it uses a green gas propellant, or it also comes with a CO2 magazine to use standard, off-the-shelf, 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Now, in the market, there's been a lot of non-licensed Glocks floating around. That's something you want to stay away from from a training pistol standpoint. The reason being, is you don't have OEM support or part support, so if that thing goes down, you're done, where this official version here is fully-supported.

Now, it does come with the two magazines, as we talked about. It also comes with an orange barrel, so if your department requires that, you can swap that out for training purposes as well as the standard Glock barrel in there as well.

The gun does shoot pretty hard, so you're gonna be able to feel the recoil, which is important as you have your force-on-force training drills, and it's gonna function very similarly. Even including the field stripping as well,which will be very similar to your duty weapon.

So, if you guys are looking for a good training solution that's cost-effective, make sure to check out this Glock 17, law enforcement edition, and you can do that by contacting us at One of our professional sale reps will be happy to get in touch with you and go over the details. 

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