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Best Airsoft Gun Starter Packages | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Fox Airsoft Tang on

Hey guys. Are you just getting into airsoft and you don't know what to get? Well my name's Tang from Fox Airsoft, and today I'm going to talk about the new player packages.

So, you're looking to get into airsoft but you don't quite what you need yet. Well, it's a lot of stuff to look into. It's pretty overwhelming. You have to do a lot of research, and then when you actually go play maybe your experience will actually differ. So the packages that we have in mind can address these issues for you.

With the Fox starter packages you get two choices of guns, based around either the Lancer Tactical MK18, which is an M4 style, and the ASG Arsenal AK. Starting with the Lancer Tactical MK18, it's your basic M4 style with a very short length, so you have compact maneuverability. It's not too heavy. The body is a heavy duty nylon fiber, which is stronger than ABS plastic, which is what you find in a lot of cheap guns, even in this price range. The nylon fiber is a material that you'll find in the more expensive guns, actually, so this is actually a good value here. The internals are very good quality as well.

This is a Generation 2 Lancer Tactical, meaning is an improved version over the old ones, so it actually shoots harder and more consistently than before and has the durability to match, too. The battery is stored inside the crane stock. There's a compartment in the back where you insert the batteries. It has flipping and folding rear sight to match with the front. You have a single 300-round high cap magazine, a removable vertical grip, and a rail system which allows you to add accessories.

Next we'll take a look at the ASG Arsenal AK. It's a polymer bodied gun with metal parts throughout. It has a fake wood finish with a very nice realistic stain to it. Battery is stored in the buttstock, which you can use any Tamiya plug battery. You also have adjustable iron sights for elevation and a 600-round metal high cap. 600 rounds is quite a bit compared to an M4, basically double, so you have more firepower there. You also have the benefit of a longer inner barrel, which will give you better range, and overall, I think if you're not into M4s and you want something that's very simple and effective, the AK might be more your flavor.

Now let's move on to the player packages. We have two tiers of the player package. We have a Basic and Complete tier. Basic is just your bare essentials to get you going for operating the gun, and the Complete package is for those with about a $200 budget. That gives you everything you need to get started playing.

Starting off in the Basic Package, you have the 0.25 gram BBs by Elite Force. This is a 5,000 count bottle. These are precision BBs. These are very smooth and accurate. Now the importance to running quality BBs in these airsoft guns for the ones we offer is that you must run a high quality simply for the fact that they do not cause issues like low quality BBs do. Low quality BBs can jam up your gun and cause potentially more expensive damage down the line. If you try to fire BBs that you find at a big chain stores who don't specialize in airsoft specifically, you're going to have those kinds of problems in these guns.

You also get a 9.6v JAG Arms battery. Now, each gun already comes with a battery with it, so this doubles your fire power. However, the battery that comes with it is very standard and this one is considered an upgrade, so you'll see a little bit of a performance increase with this one, both in the rate of fire and how much better your gun responds.

To round out the Basic Package, you have the ASG Auto-stop charger. This is a smart charger, which means that it turns off when it's done charging your battery. These guns do come with a standard wall charger, which we call a "Dumb charger," because they don't turn off on their own. If you aren't careful about monitoring how long you charge your battery, then you could potentially overcharge and destroy your battery, damage it, or actually cause a fire, so that's why we advocate using a smart charger and skipping all the fuss of thinking about all that.

Moving on to the Complete Package, you get everything that you had in the Basic Package, which is the BBs, battery, and charger, but you get additional safety equipment so that you can transport and use your airsoft gun safely. Starting off, you have the Echo1 34" Gun Bag. This is allow you to store your gun or transport it discreetly so that you can go to the field safely.

Next we have the ASG Anti-fog goggles. These are ANSI rated, meaning they're very, very strong, impact rated. They are anti-fog coated dual-pane lenses, so they should resist fogging up compared to lower grade goggles. They're full seal, meaning that they protect all around here. Any potential gap could allow a BB to pass through can cause injury.

Lastly, we have the ASG Mesh Mask. It's made of metal, so that it can withstand the impact of a BB, and you would use this in conjunction with your goggles. Now the reason why we run mesh mask as opposed to a full face mask in airsoft is we don't have any messy paint to contend with, so it's more comfortable this way. The mesh allows us to breathe easier, and that means less fogged goggles.

So that covers our two player packages. Hopefully that was informative to you. I know I wish I had this when I started so that it could save me time. If you're considering starting tomorrow or anytime soon, this might be the route to go. Once again, I'm Tang from Fox Airsoft, and I'll see you out there. 

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