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Matt's Loadout

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When Matt started playing airsoft long ago, he made one of the most common mistakes that a lot of us have made - he carried everything he needed and didn't need with him on the field. A lot of us have been there, taking everything we can with us on the field when we really don't need to. Since then, Matt has trimmed down his kit and we're going to do an overview of what he brings with him out to the field!

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Blue Force Gear RACKminus Chest Rig

For his main rig, Matt wears a Blue Force Gear RACKminus Chest Rig. These rigs are incredibly lightweight, but are extremely durable. The RACKminus is entirely MOLLE compatible, featuring three 12-slot rows of laser cut MOLLE webbing. The webbing is half the thickness of a dime, allowing your gear to ride closer to your body, for a slimmer profile, yet meets or exceeds 1000d CORDURA Fabric.

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Blue Force Gear Mag NOW!

Matt also wears the Blue Force Gear Mag NOW! pouches to hold his M4 magazines in place. These mag pouches feature an improved version of the standard bungee cord open top systems, by introducing a pull-tab system that stay in the same place every single time. The pull-tabs make it much easier to release the bungee system from the magazine by not having to look down to fumble around with the bungee cords. The pouch is attached via MOLLE webbing on the back, features additional MOLLE webbing on the exterior to mount other compatible pouches and accessories.

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Blue Force Gear Double M4 Magazine Pouch

On his right side, Matt wears a Double M4 Magazine Pouch from Blue Force Gear. This features a closed-top solution to his Odin Speedloader, which is a phenomenal speedloader that can load a 140 round mid cap in a matter of seconds. Due to the heavy weight of the BB's that are kept in the speedloader, a closed top solution holds it more securely. The pouch is mounted via MOLLE webbing, and is fully adjustable to account for thicker magazines. 

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Banger Clips

On the front of Matt's triple mag pouch are two Thunder B grenades. These are held in place by Banger Clips, which are an excellent way to retain grenades while still having quick access to them. They're lightweight and easy to mount to MOLLE webbing. They can hold a variety of grenades, such as Tornadoes, Cyclones, and other similar cylindrical grenades. They come with a short bungee cord that can be used to wrap around the grenade in a pull-tab function, to retain grenades even better, however we have found that with cyclones and Thunder B's, they are very secure without it.

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Blue Force Gear Pistol Pouches

In addition to the grenades, Matt wears two pistol magazine pouches mounted on the triple M4 pouch as well. These magazine pouches are a closed-top solution, to house the magazines more securely. Pistol magazines are definitely one of the smaller and heavier pieces of equipment in airsoft, and are typically over $30 to replace if lost. Matt wears a closed top solution as opposed to open-top solutions because of this. The Blue Force Gear Pistol Pouches mount via MOLLE webbing, and feature a fabric pull-tab on the end of the Velcro flap for rapid deployment with ease.

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Blue Force Gear Medium Vertical Utility Pouch

On Matt's left side, he runs a Blue Force Gear Vertical Utility Pouch. The verrtical utility pouch is very useful for carrying a variety of items, such as water bottles, spare batteries, electrical tape, a small first aid kit, and anything else that you might need quick access to. The pouch mounts via MOLLE straps on the back, and has closed-zipper function to give you quick access to what you need in the field. The pouch can easily fit two 16oz water bottles, and has two retention straps inside to keep your belongings secured.

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HSGI Leg Rig

Matt also wears an additional Leg Rig on his left rig, from HSGI. The HSGI leg rig features double decker pouches that can hold 6 M4 magazines and 3 pistol magazines, however Matt has removed the center M4 magazine and mounted the pistol magazine pouch directly to the leg rig. He runs two M4 mid caps on the rig, and keeps tools and accessories in the magazine pouch. These Taco pouches are an excellent solution to an open top pouch, giving you quick access to your magazines. For the pistol magazine pouches, Matt runs other tools that he needs during longer operations, such as a multi tool, ad flashlight, and a set of allen keys.

Matt will often change his loadout depending on the games, bringing more or less than he's shown us here today. This is Matt's standard loadout for a full day of play. He can be seen with this loadout at operations such as Lion Claws, Operation: Dragon's Keep, and even just weekend games at our field Flat Acres Farms. Do you agree with Matt's Loadout? What's your loadout?

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