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The New Gen 2 Classic Army Skirmish Series AEGS (Delta, KM, EC1/EC2) | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Tang on

Classic Army has released the second generation of their Skirmish Series rifles. There are several models within this series, as well as length and color options. At the heart of each rifle beats the same internals so overall you get the same quality features throughout the line up regardless of which one you choose.

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Starting with the externals, you have a quality nylon fiber body, which is very strong. Nylon fiber is more dense and more sturdy than ABS plastic which is what you will find on low grade airsoft guns. This is not a cheap feeling plastic. In fact this is one of the guns we rent at our local airsoft field, Flat Acres Farms. If this can withstand that level of use weekend after weekend you can be assured it will be good for you to use. On the tip of the barrel there is a cool three pronged flash hider which accepts an after market mock barrel extension made specifically by Classic Army. It is affordable and lightweight and you can add it on without removing the orange tip or voiding your warranty. You also get a pair of metal flip up sights for aiming. Towards the rear of the gun you have a metal sling plate, which allows you to run a single plate sling. Also featured is cool new motor grip, which is textured very nicely and comfortable compared to most other grips out there. For people who want quick access to the motor, the bottom plate is hinged for ease of access. You won't need this feature unless you want to upgrade or change motors, but it's nice that it's there. The trigger is a short pull flat trigger, which controls the ECS trigger. More on that feature in a moment.

Inside the box, besides this gun of course, you'll get the classic army 300 round high cap magazine. A cleaning rod and a standard battery and charger. These are a great value and will allow you to use your airsoft gun right away. Just feed it quality ammo and you are set.

Another cool standard feature that you get is a 6.03mm brass inner barrel with a nice rotary dial hop up. What this does is give you better accuracy out of the box and provide more positive adjustment compared to other M4 models. All these guns are going to shoot between 340 to 360 feet per second. With the tight bore barrel though it is crucial that you stick to high grade airsoft ammo otherwise you will risk causing jams in your AEG and potentially damaging the gearbox.

Now let's talk about what's inside the gun. Inside the Skirmish Series AEGs is a new and improved version 2 style gearbox. Version 2 just means it's for M4's, so if you see Version 3 or something else in other guns, that does not mean it's newer or better, just simply the type of gearbox it has. But back to this one, it is a stronger gearbox than before and has a quick change spring guide. This allows you to upgrade or downgrade the spring tension with aftermarket springs to raise and lower your FPS. This is of benefit if you go between outdoor and indoor fields frequently. You won't have to open the gearbox to do this like you normally would on a traditional airsoft M4. That being said, some experience is still required so don't mess with it if you don't know what you are doing. The motor housed inside the grip is a torque motor by the way, which makes the gun shoot and feel more snappy compared to other guns in this price range. Lastly, the neatest feature inside this gun is the ECS trigger system. This serves as a MOSFET to protect the switch assembly, allowing you to run high performance Lipo batteries if you so choose. The other function is that the trigger is programmable, allowing you to augment what fire modes you have on your two fire positions on the selector. You can do semi auto only or a combination of semi/3-round burst/5-round burst/full auto. This feature is accessed by plugging in a battery and pulling the trigger and holding it down while in the semi auto position for a few seconds. You will hear an audible beep to indicate it is ready to be programmed. After that, you will hear two sets of beeps which indicate what fire modes you have on your FIRE/AUTO position currently and you can cycle it to the next setting by pulling the trigger once. Once you found a setting that you like, rotate the selector to Full auto and it will save your setting. Very simple and does not require the use of any software or external controller box!

All in all the Classic Army Skirmish Series is a great gun to start out with and has features that are only found in guns twice the cost. Thanks for reading along! To find out more about this gun, be sure to go on our website Or you can contact us by email, or give us a call at 888-316-7816.

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