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Classic Army Nemesis series guns | Fox Airsoft

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Classic Army is one of the oldest manufacturers of airsoft guns around. Many of the early guns they produced were full metal replicas but at a much lower price compared to what few other brands were around back when Airsoft was still in its early stages. Presently, Classic Army is very much an established brand that makes all sorts of guns including sniper rifles and even affordable entry level polymer AEGs.

Today we will talk about their pro line guns in their Nemesis series. These guns are full metal M4 style AEGs with highly upgraded internals. While that sounds like every other high grade M4 out there, let’s get into the specifics about what makes the Classic Army guns unique and a stand out choice among other M4s. The current models in the lineup are the Nemesis UX7, ME-10, LX-13, and Hex.

At the heart of every Nemesis gun is the Gen 2 proline ECS gearbox. These are custom version 2 gearboxes which are reinforced to be stronger and more durable than your run of the mill v2 gearbox. As such the shell and certain parts may be unique to Classic Army. The gearbox itself is a 9mm gearbox with a quick change spring. You get a full metal rack piston and metal gears.

The trigger system is what totally make these things different and stand out. The ECS is a combination of a MOSFET and microswitch system which allows for a very short but positive trigger pull and very good motor response. In addition, the system is programmable allowing you to program your guns to fire in different ways depending on your selector position. This is done without the use of an external programming module or control box as seen before on other systems. The wires are silver corded type offering the least resistance and making these guns overall more efficient in power delivery.

Click to see the CA Nemesis Hex

Click to see the CA Nemesis LX-13

Click to see the CA Nemesis UX7

Click to see the CA Nemesis ME-10

The programming is accomplished by holding the trigger and waiting for a beep from the gun and then pulling the trigger to cycle through the modes. Available are semi, full auto, 3 round burst, 5 round burst that can be interchanged with the Semi and Full Auto positions. Once you have settled upon the trigger settings you want, you flip the selector over to Full Auto and it will store the setting.

After that you have an excellent rotary dial hopup unit that adjusts easily and positively paired with a 6.03mm tight bore barrel. Tight bore barrels provide better accuracy due to the tighter tolerances and constriction of the barrel but does require the use of only the best BBs, otherwise you could see jams that could potentially damage your gun.

The motors that are now in the Nemesis guns are the newest high torque versions from Classic Army, giving you a great balance of rate of fire and trigger response. These are housed in an easy access hinged motor grip which allows you to open it by pulling a latch. This is really thinking ahead as there will be no more screws to strip out just to access the motor, a common problem for people who work on their guns a lot.

With that, let's move on to the externals. All Nemesis guns are made of high quality aluminum for durability on the main components including the receiver and the rail system. Full metal guns can come very cheap but there is a difference between a nice full metal gun and an okay one. The cheaper ones use low grade metal cast bodies which can be very heavy, whereas the more high quality guns are aluminum which is lighter and more realistic actually. Often times these cheap metal guns weigh more than the real thing.

In addition to the high quality metal body, Nemesis rifles have functioning fake bolts and bolt catches and all Nemesis models feature ambidextrous controls. One more well thought out feature is the BAS stock which holds numerous types of batteries and is easy to access.

Other small details are the inclusion of metal folding sights, ambidextrous charging handle, metal sling loop,

So those are the highlights of the Nemesis series. How do they perform?

Velocity is on par and at the upper limits for any outdoor field coming in at nearly 400fps. Trigger response is crisp and very light thanks to the microswitch trigger, torque motor, low resistance wiring, and the integrated MOSFET. This translates to high rate of fire, quick, snappy cycling, and overall great battery life.

Accuracy is also brilliant thanks to the factory equipped 6.03mm barrel.

 The Classic Army Nemesis guns shoot and feel great and are comparable in price to other pro line guns like ICS and VFC which we carry. But they do contain some unique features that the other brands do not have at the same time and what sets these guns apart is the tremendous value that brings. As far as how hard the guns shoot when comparing it to an entry level gun, a lot of guns shoot near or at the same velocities because makers tune their guns to match the standards for what is usable for outdoor play across different regions. But a $150 airsoft gun that shoots 400fps is not going to feel anywhere near as good as a pro line gun which also shoots at the 400fps. The pro line gun will feel substantially more sturdy, and the overall smoothness of operation of the gearbox will be dramatically more smooth than the cheap guns. If you have more questions for us on these guns just give us a call or e-mail us at . Thanks for reading!

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