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Echo1 Lipo 7.4v 1100mAh 25C AK stick battery

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What's Included? 

  • Echo1 Lipo 7.4v 1100mAh 25C AK stick battery

What you need to use it:

You'll need a Lipo Battery Charger. We recommend a smart charger so it doesn't over charge the battery.


  • Small Tamiya-style connector
  • High Quality Cells and Construction
  • Slim size to fit AK style airsoft guns
  • 25C discharge rate
  • 1100mAh capacity

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: ECHO LIPO 8
  • Connector: Tamiya
  • Configuration: Stick Type
  • Capacity: 1100mah
  • Voltage: 7.4v
  • Cells: 2


Q: When do I have to charge a LiPo battery?
A: LiPo batteries are highly affected when drained and should not be shot below the recommended minimum voltage. Long story short, if you start with a charged LiPo and use it for a bit and your gun's rate of fire is slowing down and the trigger response getting sluggish, it's time to stop using this one and charge it as soon as possible. LiPos do not like to be drained and once ruined, cannot be restored.

Q: How do I correctly identify LiPo batteries? 
A: LiPo batteries will have two plugs coming out of it as opposed to the one you will find on a traditional NiMh battery. On a LiPo battery, one plug is used to power the airsoft gun and one is for charging. You never want to plug the power plug (the Tamiya plug in this case) into a charger by itself, you risk causing the battery to explode from charging incorrectly. Just about all LiPo chargers are considered smart chargers and most will charge off the smaller charge plug, though some fancy chargers may utilize both plugs for charging and balancing. The voltage of the battery is determined by the number of cells. On batteries where the cells are split up, 2 cells is a 7.4v and 3 cells is an 11.1v. On batteries where the cells are packed together, it won't be so obvious but you can look at the charge plug. One wire will be the negative/ground wire, while the other wires will be connected to each cell, so you can look at those wires to determine the cell count.

Q: Why choose LiPo batteries over conventional NiMh batteries for airsoft guns?

A: LiPo batteries offer higher discharge rates and capacity for their size compared to NiMh batteries, enhancing airsoft gun performance. However, they demand careful handling due to their greater volatility.

Q: How should I care for my LiPo Battery?

A: Proper care includes never completely discharging the battery, stopping its use as soon as the rate of fire drops, charging it before storage, and exclusively using a LiPo charger. Regularly inspect the battery for any signs of damage or swelling.

Q: What are the safety precautions to consider when using the LiPo Battery?

A: Safety measures include using only approved LiPo chargers, avoiding physical damage or exposure to heat, and monitoring the battery during charging. Utilizing a protective charging bag is advised to prevent accidents.

Q: What happens if I misuse the LiPo Battery?

A: Misusing the battery, such as by using an incompatible charger, over-discharging, or exposing it to excessive heat, can lead to damage, potential explosions, or battery failure. Note that the warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or negligence.

About the Echo1 LIPO - 7.4v 1100mAh stick battery

The Echo1 Lipo 7.4v 1100mAh 25C AK stick battery is a high-performance Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery designed to power a wide range of airsoft guns, particularly those that accommodate the slim, stick type battery configuration such as AK style airsoft guns. Its model number is ECHO LIPO 8, featuring a small Tamiya-style connector that ensures compatibility with a variety of airsoft rifles. The battery boasts a 1100mAh capacity and operates at a voltage of 7.4v with two cells, providing a robust power source for extended gameplay.

One of the standout features of this battery is its 25C discharge rate, which indicates the battery's ability to deliver power. This high discharge rate is suitable for airsoft guns that demand a steady and reliable power supply to operate at peak performance. The slim size of the battery is specifically designed to fit neatly within the confines of AK style airsoft guns, as well as other models like the MP5K, UMP, and Brens that require stick type batteries.

LiPo batteries, such as the Echo1 7.4v 1100mAh model, are known for their superior performance characteristics when compared to traditional NiMh batteries. They offer higher discharge rates and capacities relative to their size, making them a popular choice for airsoft enthusiasts looking for an upgrade in power. However, it's important to note that LiPo batteries require more careful handling and maintenance. Users must ensure they use a compatible LiPo battery charger, preferably a smart charger to prevent overcharging. Additionally, LiPo batteries should not be fully discharged to avoid damage, and it's crucial to stop using the battery when you notice a decrease in the airsoft gun's firing rate, as this indicates it's time to recharge.

Despite their advanced capabilities, LiPo batteries come with a caveat; they are more volatile and require a higher degree of care than standard batteries. Improper use, such as using an incompatible charger or allowing the battery to fully discharge, can lead to irreversible damage and potentially hazardous situations. Therefore, while the Echo1 Lipo 7.4v 1100mAh 25C AK stick battery offers significant performance advantages, it is recommended for airsoft players who are willing to undertake the necessary precautions and responsibilities that come with using LiPo technology.



Alternate Lookup: ECHO LIPO 8


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