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Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 Airsoft Pistol

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What's Included?

  • Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 Airsoft Pistol
  • Magazine
  • Manual

What you need to play:


  • Lightweight, rugged injection molded polymer frame w/ aluminum alloy slide
  • Fully licensed by GLOCK w/ complete rollmarks on the slide and logos molded to the frame
  • Traditional GLOCK sights
  • Functional GLOCK trigger safety
  • Slip resistant grip texturing w/ front & backstrap checkering
  • GLOCK accessory rail
  • Enlarged magazine release
  • Realistic gas blowback to simulate recoil and slide cycling

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: 2276344
  • Muzzle Velocity: 310-330 FPS with .20g BB
  • Colors: Black
  • Propellant Type: Green Gas or Propane
  • Magazine: 23 rd magazine
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.08mm
  • Barrel Length: 100mm
  • Barrel Thread: N/A (Needs an adapter sold separately)
  • Gun Length: 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs


Q: What is the Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 and how does it replicate the firearm version?

A: The Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 is a gas blowback airsoft pistol that closely replicates the Glock 17 firearm. It's a 6mm BB pistol using green gas, known for its crisp and fast firing cycle. Officially licensed by UMAREX, it supports many Glock aftermarket accessories and features realistic design elements like traditional Glock sights and a functional trigger safety.

Q: What are the notable design features of the Glock 17 Gen 5 airsoft pistol?

A: This airsoft pistol features a lightweight polymer frame with an aluminum alloy slide, slip-resistant grip, and checkering on the front and backstraps. It has a flared mag-well, a reversible magazine catch, and an ambidextrous slide stop lever. The pistol is designed for increased precision with modified rifling and barrel crown, and includes a Glock accessory rail.

Q: How does the new frame design of the Glock 17 Gen 5 enhance its versatility and customization?

A: The new frame design, without finger grooves, offers greater versatility and allows for customizable grips with different back straps. This makes the pistol adaptable to various hand sizes and shooting styles.

Q: What makes the Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 efficient in using green gas?

A: The pistol features a power system valve designed for efficient green gas usage. This provides strong recoil impulse and an easy-to-adjust hop-up, optimizing gas usage per shot and enhancing performance.

Q: What is the relationship between UMAREX and GLOCK in the production of this airsoft pistol?

A: UMAREX, headquartered in Germany, has the first worldwide license from GLOCK to reproduce its pistols. This partnership, based on trust, allows UMAREX to create high-quality GLOCK pistol replicas for enthusiasts worldwide.

Q: What are the specifications of the Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 airsoft pistol?

A: The pistol operates in semi-automatic mode with a safety system and an adjustable hop-up. It's compatible with green gas, red gas, and propane, and has an FPS range of 300-325. The package includes the gun, a magazine, and a manual


About the Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 Airsoft Pistol

The Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 stands as a remarkable example of the fusion of realism and functionality in airsoft pistols. Faithfully replicating the Glock 17 firearm, this gas blowback airsoft pistol is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and quality. Operating with a 6mm caliber and using green gas, the Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 is distinguished by its crisp and fast firing cycle, a feature that brings an extra layer of realism and excitement to airsoft enthusiasts. Its official licensing by UMAREX, a testament to its authenticity, allows for compatibility with a wide range of Glock-designed aftermarket accessories, such as gun lights and holsters. This airsoft gun not only emulates the look of the original Glock but also its performance, making it a top choice for players seeking an authentic shooting experience.

In terms of design, the Glock 17 Gen 5 airsoft pistol is a study in ergonomic and efficient craftsmanship. The removal of finger grooves in the new frame design enhances its versatility and user comfort. This design choice, coupled with the ability to customize the grip using different back straps, ensures that the pistol can be comfortably used by individuals with varying hand sizes and preferences. The pistol's frame is constructed from a lightweight, rugged injection-molded polymer, topped with an aluminum alloy slide, combining durability with ease of handling. The slip-resistant grip texturing, along with front and backstrap checkering, ensures a secure hold under all conditions. Moreover, the flared mag-well and front frame cutout significantly speed up reloading, a critical advantage in fast-paced airsoft skirmishes. The enlarged reversible magazine catch and ambidextrous slide stop lever make the pistol user-friendly for both left and right-handed operators.

Performance-wise, the Glock 17 Gen 5 by Umarex is engineered for precision and efficiency. The pistol's latest power system valve is designed to provide a strong recoil impulse, delivering a realistic shooting experience while ensuring efficient use of green gas. This efficient gas usage does not only contribute to a more realistic simulation of firearm recoil but also ensures longer playtime and consistency in performance. The hop-up is easily adjustable, allowing users to tailor the pistol's performance to their specific needs. The FPS range of approximately 300-325 with .20g BBs, adjustable hop-up system, and compatibility with various gas types, including green gas and propane, further underscore its versatility and adaptability to different gaming scenarios.

Umarex's partnership with Glock in the production of this airsoft pistol marks a significant milestone in the world of replica handguns. This collaboration has enabled Umarex to leverage Glock's renowned design and engineering expertise, ensuring that each airsoft pistol is not just a replica in appearance but also in performance. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to quality and authenticity, making the Umarex Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5 a premier choice for airsoft players who value precision, reliability, and realism in their gaming equipment.

If you're impressed by the Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 5, you'll likely appreciate the classic feel and performance of a 1911 airsoft pistol in your arsenal.



Alternate Lookup: 2276344


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