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Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW

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What's Included In The Box: 

  • Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW Airsoft Gun
  • Magazine
  • Manual

What you need to play:


  • Full metal receiver and barrel assembly, full metal M-LOK PDW 6.5" handguard
  • VFC ECS gearbox with inline wired MOSFET
  • Stamped VFC trademarks
  • QRS ergonomic motor grip with aggressive texturing provides a reliable grip
  • VFC QRS PDW stock, QRS enhanced trigger guard
  • Railed upper receiver prefect for optics
  • Mock bolt catch for easy hopup adjustment
  • Quick change spring system
  • Battery extension piece included for larger batteries

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: 2273325, 2273326
  • Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS  with .20 gram BB's
  • Colors: Black
  • Battery Type: 11.1v Lipo Battery
  • Battery Connector: Mini Tamiya
  • Magazine: 120 Rd Mid Capacity Magazine
  • Gearbox: Version 2
  • Motor: Long Type
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.03mm
  • Barrel Length: 165mm
  • Barrel Thread: 14mm negative
  • Gun Length: 25.5 - 29 inches
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs


Q: What materials are used in the construction of the Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW Airsoft AEG Rifle?

A: The rifle is constructed with a full metal receiver and barrel assembly, complemented by a full metal M-LOK PDW 6.5" handguard, ensuring durability and a realistic feel.

Q: What are the key features of the VFC ECS gearbox in the Avalon Calibur II PDW?

A: The VFC ECS gearbox features an inline wired MOSFET, enhancing the rifle's performance and reliability, and providing quick response times during operation.

Q: How does the ergonomic design of the VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW enhance user experience?

A: The rifle features a QRS ergonomic motor grip with aggressive texturing for a solid grip, a VFC QRS PDW stock for comfortable shouldering, and a QRS enhanced trigger guard for added space and comfort, improving the overall user experience.

Q: What advantages does the railed upper receiver offer?

A: The railed upper receiver allows for easy mounting of optics, enabling users to attach scopes or red dot sights for improved aiming accuracy in gameplay.

Q: How is the hopup adjustment made easier in the Avalon Calibur II PDW?

A: A mock bolt catch is included for easy hopup adjustment, allowing players to quickly fine-tune the BB backspin for better range and accuracy.

Q: What specifications and features make the Avalon Calibur II PDW a standout choice in airsoft sports?

A: The rifle boasts a 20-inch length, an inner barrel of approximately 165mm, and a 120rd Mid-Capacity magazine. It has a 14mm negative thread direction, a fully upgradeable Ver 2 Full Metal gearbox, a long type motor, and Semi/Full-Auto, Safety fire modes. The package includes the gun and a magazine, plus a battery extension piece for larger batteries. Its FPS range of 370-380 makes it highly competitive in airsoft sports.

About the Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW Airsoft Gun

The Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW Airsoft AEG Rifle, with its sleek black color, represents a pinnacle of precision engineering and tactical versatility in the realm of airsoft sports. This airsoft rifle, manufactured by VFC under the Elite Force banner, is crafted for the enthusiast who demands reliability, performance, and aesthetic appeal in one compact package. The full metal receiver and barrel assembly, coupled with the full metal M-LOK PDW 6.5" handguard, not only provide a robust framework but also offer a realistic feel that mirrors the heft and balance of an actual firearm. This meticulous attention to detail in construction ensures that the Avalon Calibur II PDW stands up to the rigors of intense gameplay while maintaining a high level of realism sought after by airsoft players.

At the heart of the Avalon Calibur II PDW lies the VFC ECS gearbox, integrated with an inline wired MOSFET. This advanced gearbox system is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, offering crisp, responsive trigger actions that are essential for high-stakes encounters on the battlefield. The MOSFET technology not only protects the rifle's electrical components but also optimizes the battery's performance, resulting in a more consistent rate of fire and longer battery life. These features are critical in airsoft sports, where split-second decisions and sustained performance can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the design of the Avalon Calibur II PDW. The QRS ergonomic motor grip features aggressive texturing, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip even in the most adverse conditions. The VFC QRS PDW stock and enhanced trigger guard are designed with the user's comfort in mind, allowing for extended periods of use without fatigue. Such ergonomic considerations are particularly important in scenarios that require quick maneuvering and prolonged engagement.

One of the standout features of the Avalon Calibur II PDW is its railed upper receiver, which is perfect for optics. This feature allows players to customize their rifle with a variety of sights and scopes, enhancing their accuracy and situational awareness in the field. The inclusion of a mock bolt catch for easy hopup adjustment is another thoughtful addition, enabling players to fine-tune their rifle for optimal performance with minimal effort.

The Avalon Calibur II PDW is uniquely suited for Close Quarter Battles (CQB) thanks to its compact design and advanced features. The 20-inch overall length and 6.5-inch handguard make it highly maneuverable in tight spaces, a critical advantage in CQB scenarios. The quick change spring system allows for rapid adjustment of the rifle's power, ensuring compliance with varying field limits and adapting to different gameplay situations. With a magazine capacity of 120 rounds and compatibility with various M4/M16 series airsoft AEG magazines, players can engage in prolonged encounters without the frequent need to reload.

Moreover, the rifle's FPS range of 370-380FPS with .20 BB's strikes a perfect balance between power and safety, making it formidable yet suitable for indoor and outdoor CQB environments. The ability to switch between semi and full-auto firing modes provides tactical flexibility, allowing players to adapt their approach based on the dynamics of the engagement.

In conclusion, the Elite Force VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW Airsoft AEG Rifle is a testament to the fusion of form, function, and tactical efficiency. Its robust construction, advanced gearbox, ergonomic design, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts who seek a high-performance weapon tailored for the demanding conditions of CQB. Whether navigating the tight corridors of an indoor arena or the complex terrain of an outdoor field, the Avalon Calibur II PDW offers the reliability, precision, and versatility required to dominate the competition



Alternate Lookup: 2273325, 2273326


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Honestly, this is the only airsoft shop I will ever buy from. Their guns are always quality. Their custom work is mind blowing. Their staff is not only helpful, but always happy to help. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, these guys have guns, gear, and good advice for every situation.
— R. King
Awesome company and products. Received sooner than projected from Colorado and I'm in California. Less than 2 days from placing order to receiving it. . Everything shipped as ordered . Incredible selection and great price... Did my homework and eventually came back to them. I'm glad I did. My squad will be ordering and I be ordering more gear as well.
— John
Great people great place I've ordered a few small things. Delivery was on time both times great items. Yesterday I checked my mail they sent me a fox airsoft patch just to say thanks and to me that's a way to do bussiness. Fox y'all have got business keep up the good work.
— Matt
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