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JAG Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun

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What's Included? 

  • JAG Scattergun TSS Shotgun
  • Shells
  • Manual

What you need to play:


  • 3 Burst & 6 Burst Firing Modes
  • Retractable Stock Design
  • Metal Construction
  • Polymer Hand Guard & Pistol Grip
  • Gas Tank - Located in the Buffer Tube
  • QD Sling Mount Points
  • Top Rail Segment for Optics
  • Fixed Hop up

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: JAG SG TSS BLK
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300-330 FPS with .20 BB's (370fps 1st-shot velocity)
  • Colors: Black
  • Power Source: Green Gas
  • Magazine: 30rd Shell
  • Internal Parts Compatibility: Jag Scattergun
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.08mm
  • Barrel Length: 305mm
  • Barrel Thread: N/A Gun
  • Length: 31in
  • Weight: 10lbs


Q: What distinctive features does the JAG Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun offer for airsoft gameplay?

A: The JAG Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun is notable for its adjustable retractable stock, facilitating optimal length adjustment for comfort and control. It incorporates a pistol grip and a side shell holder for expedited reloading, with the capability to switch between 3 burst and 6 burst firing modes. The inclusion of a top rail for attaching optics and accessories further enhances its versatility in gameplay.

Q: How does the gas power source of the JAG Scattergun TSS impact its performance?

A: Utilizing green gas as its power source, the JAG Scattergun TSS offers the benefits of easy cocking for rapid follow-up shots and a more realistic operation and sound, significantly enhancing the gameplay experience by providing a smoother and more authentic feel compared to spring-powered shotguns.

Q: Is the JAG Scattergun TSS compatible with various types of ammunition?

A: Yes, it is designed to be compatible with any TM 30 round style shell and the 30 round shells used for UTG Spring Shotguns, which are typically employed in M3 style triburst shotguns. This compatibility ensures players can easily source and use the required ammunition for their games.

Q: What are the construction highlights of the JAG Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun?

A: The shotgun features a robust metal construction complemented by a polymer hand guard and pistol grip. It also sports a retractable stock and houses a removable gas tank within the buffer tube, ensuring durability and resilience during intense airsoft play.

Q: How does the JAG Scattergun TSS ensure effectiveness in close-quarters battles?

A: It is outfitted with three inner barrels, each with a fixed hop-up unit, to provide an effective close-quarters battle range and appropriate BB spread. This configuration guarantees precision and effectiveness in close-range engagements, making it a formidable choice for CQB scenarios.

Q: What additional tactical features does the JAG Scattergun TSS offer?

A: The shotgun is enhanced with QD sling mount points for convenient carrying and a top rail segment for the installation of optics and other tactical accessories. These features allow for extensive customization, enabling players to adapt the shotgun to a variety of tactical situations and preferences.

About the JAG Scattergun TSS Shotgun

The JAG Arms Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun represents a significant advancement in airsoft technology, offering a highly adaptable and realistic gameplay experience. Its standout feature, the retractable stock, allows players to quickly adjust the length of the airsoft gun for optimal comfort and control, tailoring the fit to their personal preferences and the demands of the gameplay environment. The addition of a pistol grip and a strategically placed side shell holder further enhances the shotgun's usability, enabling quick and efficient reloading in the heat of battle, thereby minimizing downtime and keeping players in action.

Powered by green gas, the JAG Scattergun TSS not only distinguishes itself by its ease of use but also through the realism it brings to the airsoft field. Unlike its spring-powered counterparts, the shotgun requires minimal effort to cock, allowing for rapid follow-up shots that can be crucial during intense engagements. This feature, combined with the shotgun's authentic operation and sound, provides players with an immersive experience that closely mimics real-world shotgun handling, adding an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to gameplay.

The construction of the JAG Scattergun TSS is designed to withstand the rigors of intense airsoft combat. Its sturdy metal body, complemented by a polymer hand guard and pistol grip, ensures durability and a reliable performance game after game. The shotgun's compatibility with a wide range of ammunition, including any TM 30 round style shell and UTG Spring Shotgun shells, means players have the flexibility to choose their preferred ammo without worry about compatibility issues. Additionally, the shotgun's innovative design includes three inner barrels, each with an individual fixed hop-up unit, providing an effective range and a consistent BB spread that is ideal for close-quarters battle scenarios.

Moreover, the JAG Scattergun TSS is equipped with practical tactical features that further its versatility on the field. Quick-detach sling mount points make it easy to carry the shotgun, allowing for swift transitions between primary and secondary weapons. The top rail segment invites customization, enabling players to equip optics and other tactical accessories that enhance their strategic capabilities and situational awareness during gameplay. These features, combined with the shotgun's robust construction and performance-focused design, make the JAG Scattergun TSS Gas Shotgun a compelling choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking a high-performance, realistic, and customizable airsoft gun.



Alternate Lookup: JAG SG TSS BLK



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