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KWA Variable Ronin X-18

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What's Included?

  • KWA Variable Ronin X-18
  • Magazine

What you need to play:


  • Variable Performance System
  • Keymod Rail
  • Switch Life Extender to prevent contact burnout
  • Fully adjustable FPS  through stock with provided quick change tool
  • 30/120rd Adjustable Low/Mid Cap
  • PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip
  • Rotary hop up
  • One-piece upper receiver 
  • Improved high-torque motor
  • Upgraded high-speed gear set

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: 104-01305
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400-450 FPS w/ .20 gram BB's
  • Colors: Black
  • Battery Type: 11.1v Lipo Battery
  • Battery Connector: Deans
  • Magazine: 30/120 round Mid Cap
  • Gearbox: KWA Version 2.5 
  • Motor: Long Type
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
  • Barrel Length: 480mm
  • Barrel Thread: 14mm negative
  • Gun Length: 36"
  • Weight: 6lbs


Q: What is the KWA Variable Ronin X-18 and what are its main features?

A: The KWA Variable Ronin X-18 is an Airsoft AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) known for its variable performance system, Keymod rail, and switch life extender. It features a fully adjustable FPS (feet per second) through the stock with a quick change tool, a 30/120rd adjustable low/mid cap magazine, a PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip, and a rotary hop-up. The gun also boasts an improved high-torque motor and an upgraded high-speed gear set.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the KWA Ronin X-18?

A: The KWA Ronin X-18 has a muzzle velocity of 400-450 FPS with 0.20 gram BBs, uses an 11.1v Lipo battery with a Deans connector, and comes in black. It features a KWA Version 2.5 gearbox, a long-type motor, a 6.05mm barrel diameter, a 480mm barrel length with a 14mm negative thread, and an overall gun length of 36 inches. It weighs around 6 lbs.

Q: What additional items are needed to use the KWA Ronin X-18?

A: To use the KWA Ronin X-18, you'll need an 11.1v Lipo battery, a Lipo smart charger, and BBs, as these are not included with the gun.

Q: Can the FPS on the KWA Ronin X-18 be adjusted?

A: Yes, the FPS on the KWA Ronin X-18 can be fully adjusted through the stock with the provided quick change tool, allowing for a customized shooting experience.

Q: What makes the Ronin series by KWA unique in the Airsoft market?

A: The Ronin series by KWA, including the X-18, stands out for its modular, interchangeable upper receivers. This design, developed from years of customer feedback, allows users to use any upper receiver from the Ronin series on any Ronin lower, offering a multitude of configuration possibilities. The Ronin series also features either Keymod or M-lok compatible rails, enlarged trigger guards, ambidextrous fire controls, and internal upgrades like a one-piece rotary hop-up and reinforced radiused gearbox.

Q: What is the significance of KWA in the Airsoft market, particularly with the Ronin series?

A: KWA has been a major player in the Airsoft market for over a decade, known for providing reliable, realistic, and high-performing Airsoft training guns. Their commitment to innovation and customer feedback is evident in the Ronin series, which exemplifies their dedication to quality and versatility. The Ronin series, including the X-18, is a testament to KWA's continuous effort to evolve and cater to the changing needs of Airsoft enthusiasts.

About the KWA Variable X-18 Airsoft Rifle

The KWA Variable Ronin X-18 Airsoft Rifle represents a pinnacle of innovation and performance in the world of Airsoft. Engineered with precision and designed for versatility, the Ronin X-18 is part of KWA's prestigious Ronin series, a lineup that has been meticulously developed based on extensive customer feedback and a deep understanding of the needs of Airsoft enthusiasts.

At the heart of the X-18's design is its Variable Performance System (VPS), a groundbreaking feature that allows users to adjust the FPS (feet per second) directly through the stock using a quick change tool. This flexibility is a game-changer for players who require adaptability in different playing fields and scenarios. The rifle comes equipped with a 30/120rd adjustable low/mid-capacity magazine, ensuring compatibility with various game formats. The Keymod rail system enhances the X-18's adaptability, providing ample space for attachments and customizations, thereby tailoring to the specific needs of individual players.

Externally, the Ronin X-18 showcases a sleek, tactical design, finished in a robust black color. The inclusion of an enlarged trigger guard and ambidextrous fire controls underscores KWA's commitment to versatility and ease of use, catering to both left and right-handed players. The rifle also features a PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip for improved handling and comfort, and a rotary hop-up for enhanced accuracy. The external upgrades, including a custom mock suppressor, not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the rifle's functional superiority.

Internally, the Ronin X-18 is just as impressive. It houses a high-torque motor coupled with an upgraded high-speed gear set, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. The KWA Version 2.5 gearbox is a testament to the rifle's robustness, designed to withstand the rigors of intense Airsoft gameplay. Moreover, the Switch Life Extender technology significantly reduces the risk of contact burnout, ensuring the rifle's longevity and consistent performance.

The technical specifications of the Ronin X-18 are indicative of its superior design and functionality. It operates on an 11.1v Lipo battery with a Deans connector, ensuring efficient power management. The rifle has a muzzle velocity of 400-450 FPS with 0.20 gram BBs, making it a formidable contender in any Airsoft match. The precision barrel, measuring 480mm in length and 6.05mm in diameter, along with a 14mm negative thread, enhances the rifle's accuracy and range.

In summary, the KWA Variable Ronin X-18 Airsoft Rifle is not just a remarkable piece of Airsoft equipment; it is a symbol of KWA's dedication to quality, innovation, and responsiveness to the Airsoft community's needs. From its modular design and adjustable performance features to its robust internals and tactical external enhancements, the Ronin X-18 stands out as a top-tier choice for both competitive and recreational Airsoft players.



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Honestly, this is the only airsoft shop I will ever buy from. Their guns are always quality. Their custom work is mind blowing. Their staff is not only helpful, but always happy to help. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, these guys have guns, gear, and good advice for every situation.
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Awesome company and products. Received sooner than projected from Colorado and I'm in California. Less than 2 days from placing order to receiving it. . Everything shipped as ordered . Incredible selection and great price... Did my homework and eventually came back to them. I'm glad I did. My squad will be ordering and I be ordering more gear as well.
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Great people great place I've ordered a few small things. Delivery was on time both times great items. Yesterday I checked my mail they sent me a fox airsoft patch just to say thanks and to me that's a way to do bussiness. Fox y'all have got business keep up the good work.
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