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Airsoft Mystery Boxes

If you love surprises and are into airsoft, a mystery box might be for you! A Fox Airsoft mystery box is like a loot box. What's inside the box is random. What makes our mystery boxes different is that we guarantee a certain value with each mystery box type and all the items are brand new items we carry in our store. You will not receive broken/boneyard/used items. Mystery Boxes work best as gifts for newer airsoft players, especially if you do not know exactly what to get for that person. Mystery Boxes also work great for the type of person who might not know exactly what they want and they trust us to hook them up with something worth their money.

We try to keep it fair and balanced so that everyone is a winner rather than one big winner of a grand prize and a bunch of other people losing. To do this we guarantee a specific value assigned to each tier mystery box and a certain possible combination of items. If you are looking to try your first one and don't want to spend a whole lot of money, look into the Mystery Accessory Pack. This would be like your first preview into an airsoft mystery box. You would be getting a minimum of 4 or 5 items in your box to start with. If you are looking to get a pistol the $50 Mystery Box will get you similar items to a Mystery Accessory Pack but you will be guaranteed a pistol so this is like an upgraded box.

If you are looking to get a rifle, we recommend the $200 Mystery Box and up. A $200 Mystery Box would get you into a high quality sportline type rifle that will be a solid performer on the airsoft field. If you go higher then you will get high end rifles/pistols and other high dollar items as the main attraction. How are these items selected? We have staff members here building your box with an assortment of items available to them and a specific value you will receive to make sure you are happy. If you need a breakdown on what value you will be receiving, check each product below in their description.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can leave us a comment in your order. Though we can't guarantee that we will fulfill your request, we do read them all and if it is a reasonable thing you are asking for we will try to accommodate it. If you are a returning customer, you could also leave a comment to let us know of the items you have received in the past so that you don't get repeats. We appreciate you coming back for more!

Still not sure? Check out a video we made that demonstrates our $50 boxes. Or go on Youtube and see what our customers have to say! We've been doing this for years and we've served many airsofters in the community.

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