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ASG Grip-Pod

  • ASG Grip-Pod




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Quick Look: 

  • Attaches to any picatinny style rail and provides the option for using it as a Bi-pod - thumbscrew lock means no tools are necessary
  • Push button activation for spring-loaded bipod feet
  • Made of injection molded polymer

About the ASG Grip-Pod

The Grip bi-pod from Action Sport Games functions as both a bipod and a grip. One push of the button and the spring-loaded bipod feet deploy.

Vertical grips are a tactical accessory that aids the shooter in a number of ways. First, having a grip does help mitigate recoil in real firearms. Though this is not a consideration in airsoft, the second function might appeal to you. The other function of a grip would be to have a reference point for your off hand to grab onto. Having a consistent grip every single time will translate to better accuracy and control of your weapon so it is important to practice with your setup until it feels like second nature.

Bipods are usually a separate attachment altogether and serve a unique function on their own. Bipods are a two legged support that helps steady your weapon while firing. You will typically see these on heavy weapons though they have their uses on sniper rifles and even regular rifles when accuracy is the most important. The bipod allows you to rest your rifle on a surface to steady your aim. The two feet provide secure footing so that your side to side movement is effectively cancelled giving you the best possible shot. Tilting the rifle up and down is still possible with a bipod deployed so that you can adjust for elevation on the fly. 

So you take these two you attachments and combine them and this is what you get. A grip bipod! Combining the two items does a few things for you. For one, you have less rail space used because you have one attachment that can do two things instead of having two separate (and additionally heavy) attachments hanging on your gun. With this grip-pod your rifle can now go from CQB to prone shooting on the fly and have the ultimate stability. The integrated grip and bipod also reduces snags with just one protruding attachment instead of a grip and two bipod legs, so this is a little bit more streamlined. The grip pod is a proven design being adopted by various military and police agencies throughout the country.

The grip pod attaches via an integrated thumbscrew mount making for a tool less installation (and removal if necessary). Those out in the field will instantly appreciate this feature as there are no allen keys or other proprietary bits and pieces for you to lose when you have to service your weapon.

The pros to this attachment are obvious however the one and only con we can think of is the size of this grip. It is a bit larger than the standalone vertical grips that are out there because it houses the bipod inside it as well. We feel though that for the amount of functionality you get, this is hardly a negative and is not a big trade off.

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