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Madbull VSR10 Hop Up Bucking

  • Madbull M28/VSR10 hopup bucking




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 Quick Look:

  • Designed for M28/VSR10 style barrels - can work in TM compatible pistol barrels too
  • 70 degree rubber is harder than normal
  • The harder rubber holds up better to high fps setups found in sniper rifles
  • Aids in positive feeding/prevents double feeding

What's Included:

  • 2 x Madbull 70 Degree Red VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking

About The Madbull VSR10 Hopup Bucking

The Madbull buckings will improve your air seal as well as increase the accuracy of your gun.

The hopup bucking in a piece of rubber that is responsible for giving backspin to your BB as it is fired out of your gun. Inside this cylindrical piece of rubber is a little bump inside of the bucking that is what actually makes the contact to produce the hopup effect. Within the hopup unit/hopup chamber, you have a hopup nub which is a piece of rubber that presses down on the patch on the hopup bucking and is manipulated by the user adjusting the hopup unit. The hopup effect can be turned down or up to match the weight of BB you are using.

When selecting a bucking, pay attention to the degree rating often listed. The higher the number, the harder the rubber that the bucking is made out of. Typically for most AEGs you would want a 60 to 65 degree bucking. Often times sniper rifles shoot harder than your average AEG so if you use the same type of bucking, it will be too soft and you will destroy it very quickly. A damaged bucking results in a big decrease in FPS, unreliable feeding, and poor accuracy. To counter this, the Madbull Red Buckings are made of a 70 degree rubber material which will last longer.

This bucking is designed for TM VSR-10 spec rifles. If you don't know what that means, when parts are referred to as being made for the VSR-10, we are speaking of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle of which many manufacturers have based their guns internal designs on. Since the style of build has been often replicated in airsoft, what this means to you is you can find a lot more parts for your airsoft sniper rifle if it is designed the same way. The nice thing about this too is that many manufacturers have made their own little improvements to make their guns shoot better out of the box or last longer. Rifles we recommend are the Echo1 M28, Classic Army M24, and Classic Army SR40 Sniper rifles if you want something upgradeable.

This VSR-10 bucking is not compatible with any AEGs. Certain pistols patterned after TM's hopup system can use this bucking as well. Do note that professional installation is required. Due to the difficulty of installing such products and the high likelihood of damage if installed incorrectly, we do not warranty parts after an install attempt is made. Use silicone oil to keep this bucking from drying out and to ensure a good service life. Buckings are a wear item and should be replaced when a noticeable performance decrease is observed.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • MB HB M28/VSR10

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