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Lancer Tactical Dummy SAPI Plates

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About the Lancer Tactical Dummy SAPI Plates


If you are gearing up for milsim here's something you didn't know you needed! The whole purpose to wearing a plate carrier is to wear them with ballistic plates inside while you are doing some intense operating. But we are playing airsoft where you don't need real  body armor, but like the rest of us you just want to look like you operate. That is where these Lancer Tactical Dummy SAPI Plates comes in. These faux body armor plates slip inside your plate carrier so it looks more "filled out". If you don't run your plate carrier with any plates it looks a bit floppy and less realistic. These do not add any function or level of protection against real danger, they are just for milsim and LARPing only. The extra stiffness provided by them can make certain pouches easier to use especially magazine pouches. SAPI denotes the shape of the armor, for which there are many plate carriers and vests out there designed to take this standard of plates.


Quick Look: 

  • Medium size - should fit most plate carriers
  • Made of plastic
  • Hollow inside to save on weight
  • Fill out that plate carrier so it looks legit instead of floppy
  • Great training aid
  • Approx. 13" x 10" x 1" SAPI cut

What's Included:

  • Sold as single plates, two will be needed to complete your loadout


Q: What is SAPI?
A: SAPI is a type of armor plate that is used by many police and law enforcement units. SAPI stands for Small Arms Protective Insert. There are different types/shapes of plates and typically plate carriers are designed a specific plate application. You will most of the time find SAPI plate carriers as they are the most common. When we mention SAPI with the plate carrier we're speaking generally of the type/size plate it was designed to hold.

Q: Are these heavy like real plates?
A: No, these are very light weight and will not weigh you down at all.

Q: Can these plates be filled with anything to add weight?
A: No, these are sealed hollow plastic. You could probably modify it if you are crafty (that voids your ability to return these if you change your mind though!)

Q: How many do I need?
A: You need two to fill out a plate carrier (one for front and one for back). These Lancer Tactical SAPI Dummies are sold individually.

Q: Can they withstand getting shot in airsoft?
A: They will hold up with no problems in airsoft. When you get shot, most of the time your plate carrier and your nylon gear is so thick that it is absorbing all that energy which is why some people honestly don't feel the hit sometimes. But the hit is audible.

Q: Are these flexible?
A: No these are not flexible. The plastic is pretty hard and well formed. These however are molded with a curve built in to follow the contour of your chest. If you want something flexible, foam is a good alternative though those will be flat rather than curved like these faux SAPI plates.

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