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Tenergy Smart-Charger For NiMh Battery 8.4V - 9.6V

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What's Included? 

  • Tenergy Smart-Charger For NiMh Battery 8.4V - 9.6V
  • Manual

What battery types is this for?

This charger is meant for NiMH batteries.


  • Charger for battery packs with capacity of 1100-1600mAh or Higher.
  • Able to auto distinguish bad battery and indicate malfunction.
  • Able to activate over-discharged cells.
  • Current ram-up way benefits cell capacity and life cycle.
  • Automatically stop when battery pack is fully charged by Delta Peak detection.
  • Short circuit & reverse polarity protections.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: SMART-CHARGER
  • Battery Type: NiMH or NiCd
  • Cell Capacity: 8
  • Connector: Mini Tamiya


Q: What comes included with the Tenergy Smart-Charger for NiMH batteries?

A: The Tenergy Smart-Charger package for NiMH batteries includes the charger itself, designed for 8.4V to 9.6V batteries, and a manual to assist users with its features and operation.

Q: Which types of batteries is the Tenergy Smart-Charger intended for?

A: This charger is specifically designed for Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, making it suitable for various devices that utilize this type of battery.

Q: Can you detail the main features of the Tenergy Smart-Charger?

A: The Tenergy Smart-Charger comes with several advanced features including compatibility with battery packs of 1100-1600mAh or higher, the ability to automatically identify and indicate bad batteries or malfunctions, activation of over-discharged cells, implementation of a current ramp-up way to benefit cell capacity and life cycle, automatic stop upon full charge detection through Delta Peak, and protections against short circuits and reverse polarity.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the Tenergy Smart-Charger?

A: The Tenergy Smart-Charger, with the model number SMART-CHARGER, is compatible with both NiMH or NiCd batteries, designed to accommodate 8 cells, and features a Mini Tamiya connector.

Q: How does the Tenergy Smart-Charger improve battery life and performance?

A: By employing intelligent charging technology that automatically detects a battery's voltage and capacity to adjust the charging current and duration, the Tenergy Smart-Charger optimizes the charging process. This careful management ensures batteries are charged efficiently, thus extending their lifespan and enhancing their performance.

Q: Is the Tenergy Smart-Charger compatible with various devices?

A: Yes, the charger is versatile and can be used with a wide array of devices powered by 8.4V to 9.6V NiMH batteries, such as RC cars, trucks, boats, and airsoft guns, making it an essential tool for enthusiasts of various hobbies.

Q: What safety features are integrated into the Tenergy Smart-Charger?

A: For user and battery safety, the charger includes automatic voltage detection and reverse-polarity protection to prevent damage, a built-in temperature sensor to avoid overheating during charging, and LED indicators to provide real-time updates on the charging status, including progress, completion, or errors.

Q: How does the design of the Tenergy Smart-Charger facilitate portability and convenience?

A: Its compact and lightweight design makes the Tenergy Smart-Charger easily portable, allowing users to charge their batteries anywhere. Its robust construction also ensures it can endure the demands of travel and outdoor activities.

Q: In what way does the Tenergy Smart-Charger promote energy efficiency?

A: Engineered for energy-efficient operation, the charger reduces energy consumption during the charging process. This efficiency not only lowers energy costs but also diminishes the environmental footprint, supporting eco-friendly charging practices.

About the Tenergy Smart-Charger For NiMh Battery 8.4V - 9.6V

The Tenergy Smart-Charger for NiMh Battery 8.4V - 9.6V is a cutting-edge charging solution designed to optimize the performance and lifespan of your NiMh batteries. Engineered with advanced technology and built to the highest standards, this smart charger delivers efficient and safe charging, ensuring your batteries are always ready to power your favorite RC cars, airsoft guns, and other high-performance devices.

Intelligent Charging Technology:

Experience hassle-free and intelligent charging with the Tenergy Smart-Charger. Equipped with advanced microprocessor technology, this charger automatically detects the battery's voltage and capacity, customizing the charging current and duration to ensure optimal charging performance. No more guesswork or manual configuration – simply plug in your NiMh battery, and let the smart charger take care of the rest.

Versatile Compatibility:

The Tenergy Smart-Charger is compatible with NiMh batteries ranging from 8.4V to 9.6V, making it suitable for a wide range of RC cars, trucks, boats, airsoft guns, and other battery-powered devices. Whether you're a hobbyist or a seasoned enthusiast, this charger is the perfect companion to keep your devices powered up for hours of enjoyment.

Auto-Detection and Safety Features:

Safety is paramount when dealing with batteries, and the Tenergy Smart-Charger is designed with your protection in mind. The charger features automatic voltage detection and reverse-polarity protection, preventing accidental damage to your batteries and charger. Additionally, its built-in temperature sensor monitors the charging process, ensuring safe and efficient charging without overheating.

LED Indicators for Easy Monitoring:

The Tenergy Smart-Charger is equipped with LED indicators that provide real-time charging status updates. The intuitive LED lights indicate when the battery is charging, fully charged, or if there are any charging errors. This feature allows you to monitor the charging progress at a glance, providing peace of mind and convenience during your charging sessions.

Compact and Portable Design:

Designed with portability in mind, the Tenergy Smart-Charger is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for home use or on-the-go charging. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the demands of travel and outdoor adventures, allowing you to keep your batteries charged and ready wherever your hobbies take you.

Energy-Efficient Performance:

In addition to its intelligent charging capabilities, the Tenergy Smart-Charger boasts energy-efficient operation, minimizing energy consumption and reducing your environmental footprint. Save on energy costs while still enjoying top-notch charging performance.

Extend Battery Lifespan:

Proper charging is crucial for extending the lifespan of your NiMh batteries, and the Tenergy Smart-Charger excels at this task. By delivering a controlled and optimized charging process, this smart charger helps preserve the health and performance of your batteries, allowing them to serve you reliably for an extended period.

Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and refund policy which you can read more about here.


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