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MadBull Propane Adapter

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About the MadBull Propane Adapter

Are you looking to save money on your gas guns?  Propane is a great solution!  Take a small camp sized propane bottle, install this adapter on the top, and use it to fill your green gas magazines.  Make sure to insert proper silicone based lubricant to maintain your magazine seals properly.

The Madbull propane adapter is one of the best made screw on adapters in the market. These are made of aluminum and precision machined for the best fit and finish. The way they work is they screw on to most commercially available propane tanks such as Coleman or whatever is made for camping or mini torches. This adapter is reusable so it is designed to be pretty robust and will give you a lot more options to fuel your gas guns. One thing about using propane though is it dries out your buckings which is really bad for your gun. Green gas on the other hand, though slightly more expensive, contains the oil additives essential to keeping your gun long lasting and leak free. This is where you see the added cost difference but that's not a big problem! Add silicone oil as you fill to create the same effect and maintain your gas gun or gas grenade seals. The Madbull propane adapter features an oiling port so you can add silicone oil directly before you screw on the adapter. This will pressurize and evenly distribute the silicone oil as you charge the system. Otherwise the traditional way would be to put a drop of silicon oil on the fill valve and then fill the item with gas to force the oil in. The pressure of the gas inside the magazine or whatever item you were filling will help evenly distribute the silicone oil.

Quick Look: 

  • Attaches to a small propane canister
  • Allows the player to use propane instead of CO2
  • Requires the use of additional silicone lubricant to ensure seals are maintained
  • Full Metal Construction

What's Included:

  • MadBull Propane Adapter


Q: Why do I need this?
A: Save some money on green gas by using propane as an alternative. Propane is readily available everywhere unlike green gas and is cheaper.

Q: What are the advantages or disadvantages of propane compared to green gas?
A: As stated earlier, propane is cheaper than green gas and more widely available. Other than the silicone oil additives found in green gas, the chemical makeup of the two gasses are very similar. Propane however runs very dry this can be detrimental if you do not maintain your airsoft guns. Certain brand guns use different rubbers that do not react well when in contact with propane and can swell which causes issues with cycling, leaks, or not feeding.

Q: How do I prevent the propane from drying out my buckings?
A: Use 100% silicone oil only.

Q: I've seen other adapters that do similar but are plastic, what's better?
A: These are stronger but it's hard to say. They all do a similar thing. One nice design feature is the oiling port for adding silicone oil.

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