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ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3

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Quick Overview:

  • CNC design
  • Compatible with AK series AEG's

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3

About the ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3

Unleash the true potential of your AK series AEG with the ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3. Crafted with meticulous precision through CNC machining, this hop-up unit is designed to revolutionize your shooting experience. Engineered for compatibility, reliability, and enhanced performance, it's the ultimate upgrade for airsoft enthusiasts seeking unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Precision Unleashed:

Precision is at the forefront of the ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3's design. Crafted through CNC machining, this hop-up unit boasts unparalleled accuracy and consistency. The precise dimensions and tight tolerances ensure minimal play, eliminating inconsistencies that can affect your shots. Experience a tighter seal between the hop-up chamber and barrel, resulting in improved accuracy and better control over your shots.

Enhanced Compatibility:

Designed specifically for AK series AEGs, the ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3 guarantees seamless compatibility with your favorite airsoft rifles. Its tailored design ensures a perfect fit, enabling quick and easy installation. Elevate your AK series AEG's performance with a hop-up unit that's not just an upgrade, but an essential component for precision shooting.

Durable CNC Design:

Crafted from high-quality materials and constructed with CNC precision, this hop-up unit is built to last. The ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3's robust design ensures it can handle the rigors of intense airsoft battles and extended use. Its durability guarantees that you'll experience consistent performance over time, allowing you to dominate the field without worrying about wear and tear.

Consistent Performance:

Achieve shot-to-shot consistency like never before. The ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3 ensures uniform hop adjustments, resulting in predictable and accurate trajectories for your BBs. This consistency empowers you to take precise shots, whether you're engaging in long-range sniping or close-quarters combat. Leave behind the frustration of inconsistent hop-up adjustments and embrace the reliability of the ProWin CNC design.

Fine-Tune Your Shots:

The ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3 places control in your hands. With its user-friendly design, adjusting your hop-up settings becomes a breeze. Fine-tune your shots to match varying conditions and ranges, giving you the edge over your opponents. Whether you're adapting to changing wind conditions or dialing in your aim for specific engagement distances, this hop-up unit allows you to customize your performance with ease.

Upgrade with Confidence:

When you choose the ProWin CNC Hop Up Unit V3, you're investing in top-tier performance and quality. This hop-up unit's reputation for excellence and reliability is well-known among airsoft enthusiasts. Upgrade your AK series AEG with confidence, knowing that you're equipping your rifle with a component that's been tested and proven by the community.



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Honestly, this is the only airsoft shop I will ever buy from. Their guns are always quality. Their custom work is mind blowing. Their staff is not only helpful, but always happy to help. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, these guys have guns, gear, and good advice for every situation.
— R. King
Awesome company and products. Received sooner than projected from Colorado and I'm in California. Less than 2 days from placing order to receiving it. . Everything shipped as ordered . Incredible selection and great price... Did my homework and eventually came back to them. I'm glad I did. My squad will be ordering and I be ordering more gear as well.
— John
Great people great place I've ordered a few small things. Delivery was on time both times great items. Yesterday I checked my mail they sent me a fox airsoft patch just to say thanks and to me that's a way to do bussiness. Fox y'all have got business keep up the good work.
— Matt
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