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Airsoft Pistol Starter Kits


Pistols are a great item to have in your airsoft arsenal. Whether this is your first gun and you want something to casually plink with or you need a backup gun to your primary airsoft gun, our starter kits will make it simple and convenient to get you what you need to start slinging BBs. These pistol kits are available at different price points so you can select the kit that fits your budget the best. There is a pistol kit to suit the different types of players out there. The less expensive ones will feature more basic pistols that will perform their job and are easy to use. The more expensive kits will feature more realistic pistols. All of these kits will have CO2 powered pistols which is an inexpensive and readily available power source for these airsoft guns.


For any of these kits, the pistols will all be CO2 powered. We chose this due to the wide availability of cartridges which is ideal for a new player. The guns also perform well in a wide range of temperatures so climate is not an issue short of freezing temperatures. CO2 efficiency will depend largely on the pistol kit you select. The full gas blowback pistol (the highest option) will use more CO2 than a non-blowback pistol. If efficiency and low cost to operate is a priority to you, get one of the non-blowback pistol kits. A single CO2 cartridge lasts over 100 shots. If you go with one of our blowback pistol packages, your CO2 cartridge should last 2 magazines which is anywhere from 30-50 shots.

CO2 5-Pack

Included in each kit is a 5-pack of CO2 just to get you started. You can acquire more from us or from any store in your area as these are fairly common. The ones we offer are especially high quality and much cleaner than other store bought ones and also contain some silicone oil to help keep your pistol lubricated.


Following that you get a holster so you can start using your airsoft in a game right away. This is a drop-leg style right-handed holster that is a universal fit. It can accept other pistols with minor adjustments.

Quality Ammo

With each kit you'll get a 2700-round bottle of BB's. The weight BB's we include will be matched closely to the performance so don't worry about that part, we'll take care of you. Weights will be either .20 or .25, non-biodegradable BBs.

Q: Which pistol kit should I get?

A: If you value realism, opting for our top tier pistol kit gets you a full metal gas blowback pistol. If you want something affordable and inexpensive to use over the long run, any of the other pistols that are not blowback will be just fine.

Q: How long do these pistols work

A: The non-blowback pistols are more inexpensive because they are not very complex. As such, maintenance just involves using a bit of silicone oil to preserve the seals and keep them from leaking. However if they do break, often replacing them outright is the only feasible solution. On the more expensive blowback pistol, all the major parts are available to keep the gun running and you can rebuild them from time to time if need be.

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