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ICS PAR MK3 Electric Airsoft Gun

  • ICS PAR Mk3 Full Length in Black
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Full Length in Tan
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Mid Length in Black
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Mid Length in Tan
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Carbine Length in Black
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Carbine Length in Tan
  • ICS PAR Mk3 Carbine Length in Tan
  • ICS has engineered a unique reinforced split gearbox design with a blowback mechanism
  • ICS PAR Mk3 CQB Length in Tan
  • ICS PAR Mk3 CQB Length in Black
  • The ICS MTR Stock features QD sling attachment points
  • The split gearbox allows you to have a very easy to maintain and modular gun design.
  • Cutaway view of the internals on the ICS TransforM4


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Fox airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the ICS PAR MK3

The ICS PAR Mk3 is a fully licensed replica of the real Pro Arms Mk3.  The real rifle is a Czech Republic produced piston driven semi automatic rifle.  This gas system is similar to an HK 416.  ICS recreates this beautiful gun as an automatic electric gun (AEG) utilizing their popular blowback split gearbox that is on the TransforM4.  The receiver is cut accurately to the real rifle adding authenticity and it features fully licensed trademarks that are laser engraved on the receiver.  Each gun also has a laser engraved receiver. ICS designed the gun to have multiple options to meet every need.  The rifles are available in either a black or tan finish.  They also have 4 different combinations of barrel/rail lengths.  We term them full length, mid length, carbine, and CQB from longest to shortest respectively.  The full length rifle is ideal for field use, the mid-length is a great all around platform, the carbine is great for tight areas, and the CQB features a barrel that is flush with the rail system giving a very unique look and the ability to mount a recessed mock suppressor.  All of the guns feature ICS's legendary split gearbox design giving you a completely modular platform.  ICS Something unique to this rifle is that it comes rear wired out of the box.  ICS engineered a new buffer tube designed to conceal the wire and allow a buffer tube style LIPO battery to fit in the back.  

The gun has many upgraded components right out of the box.  A metal Hop Up Unit, an ICS reinforced POM Piston that works with the blowback mechanism, as well as a reinforced blowback upper gearbox.  The gun also features a beefy quad free float rail system for mounting accessories on the mil standard 1913 picatinny rails.  They also included some nice aesthetic features including ICS's backup sight system, MTR stock, and the 300 round windowed TMAG.  The body is CNC milled and has beautiful licensed ProArms trademarks on the receiver.  The receiver also features the new tracked body pins that keep them mounted even when you are field stripping.

The gun works well with the ICS brand TMAGs and also the Elite Force 140 round mid capacity magazines.

You can use 11.1v or 7.4 LIPOs in the gun.  Try using a Fox Custom High Speed Motor combined with a 7.4v LIPO - you will get amazing trigger response, rate of fire (ROF) and minimize wear and tear on your gun.

Watch our Overview Video of the ICS PAR MK3

What's Included in the Box:

  • ICS PAR Mk3
  • Composite Front and Rear Back Up Sights
  • 300 rd High Capacity Magazine with Window
  • Manual
  • Quad Free Float Rail System
  • Battery and Charger Sold Separately.  We highly recommend a Tenergy Battery and a Tenergy LIPO Charger.
  • Optional Accessories Sold Separately.  Front Grip, Magazine Clamp, Mock Suppressor, and Flash Hider are available

Quick Overview:

  • Multiple Options Available
    • Black or Tan Color
    • Full Length, Mid Length, Carbine, CQB
  • Reinforced Split Gearbox Design with Blowback
  • Rear Wired for Buffer Tube LIPO Batteries
  • Free Float Quad Rail
  • 300 Round TMAG with Window 
  • MTR Stock with QD Sling Attach Points
  • Metal Hop Up Unit
  • ICS POM Reinforced Piston
  • Ambidextrious Charging Handle
  • Back Up Sight System
  • Selector Switch Releases Spring Tension

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: ICS-290, ICS-291, ICS-292, ICS-293, IMT-290-1, IMT-291-1, IMT-292-1, IMT-293-1
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400 - 410 FPS with .20 gram BBs
  • Color: Black or Tan CNC Aluminum Body and Handguard
  • Bushings: 6mm
  • Piston: ICS POM Piston with Steel Teeth and first tooth removed
  • Gears: Steel Gears - MIM reinforced pinion and bevel gear
  • Pinion Gear:
  • Anti Reversal Latch: ICS Type - Linked to Selector Switch for Tension Release
  • Tappet Plate: Standard V2 Composite
  • Motor: Long Type 
  • Piston Head: Ported Composite
  • Cylinder Head: V2 Polymer with Brass Tip
  • Cylinder: Brass Cylinder
  • Nozzle: Composite
  • Spring: M120
  • Spring Guide: Composite
  • Inner Barrel Bore: 
  • Inner Barrel Length: 
  • Hop Up: Metal Rotary Style
  • Gearbox: Split Reinforced Gearbox with Blowback - V2/V3 Parts Compatible
  • Tamiya Battery Connector
  • Ambidextrous Buffer Tube Sling Mount
  • Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Removable Back Up Sights - flip up and down
  • Quad Free Float Rail System
  • Fuse: Yes 20 AMP
  • Compatible Sling Types: 2 Point or Single Point

Weight and Dimensions

  • Dry weight of the gun with magazine is:
    • Full Length Rifle: 7.65 lbs
    • Mid Length Rifle: 7.38 lbs
    • Carbine: 7.03 lbs
    • CQB: 7.38 lbs
  • Weight of the gun with battery and without magazine is
  • Weight of the gun with battery and with magazine is 
  • Entire Package Weight is 
  • Gun Length (Stock Extended): 
    • Full Length Rifle: 962mm
    • Mid Length Rifle: 905mm
    • Carbine: 803mm
    • CQB: 813mm 
  • Gun Length (Stock Collapsed) 
    • Full Length Rifle: 883mm
    • Mid Length Rifle: 826mm 
    • Carbine: 724mm
    • CQB: 734mm 
  • Gun Length (Stock Folded) 
  • Inner Barrel Length:
    • Full Length Rifle: 420mm
    • Mid Length Rifle: 375mm
    • Carbine: 263mm
    • CQB: 263mm
  • Package Dimensions 
  • Recommended Gun Bag Size: 36 inches
  • Recommended Maximum Battery Voltage: 11.1 volts

Unique Accessory options

  • Magazines


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy which you can read more about here. The Manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty for this product. 

Alternate Lookup 

  • ICS-290
  • ICS-291
  • ICS-292
  • ICS-293
  • IMT-290
  • IMT-291
  • IMT-292
  • IMT-293
  • 32070, 32071, 32048, 32043, 32042, 32041, 32044, 32047, 32046, 32045

Split Gearbox Design


Gearbox Cutaway


ICS Blowback Gearbox Design



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