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Airsoft Sponsorship


Thanks for your interest in a Fox Airsoft Sponsorship!  We're always actively looking for referral partners to help us pursue our mission of being the unmatched experts in providing quality airsoft solutions!

Sponsored teams and inidviduals have great attitudes, sportsmanship, and display integrity every time they play.  They put airsoft in a positive light by serving the local community and showing people the benefits of participating in the sport.  We are looking to build long-term loyal relationships with all of our referral partners.


We offer 2 types of sponsorships - team sponsorships or individual sponsorships.  Here are the requirements:

Team Sponsorship:

  • Team Size: 5+ Members. 
  • Active Fox Airsoft Customers
  • Core Qualities: Integrity, Loyalty, Tenacity
  • Application Filled Out For Each Member

Individual Sponsorship

  • Social Media Channel (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) with 1,000 Subscribers
  • Active Fox Airsoft Customer
  • Core Qualities: Integrity, Loyalty, Tenacity 

Before contacting us be prepared to answer the following questions

  • Are you currently a customer?
  • Why Fox Airsoft?
  • What are your social media channels (youtube, instagram, facebook, etc.)
  • Has each team member filled out an individual application?
  • Team Photograph

Current Fox Airsoft Sponsored Teams

  • Swamp Fox 12
  • Diamondbacks
  • Colorado Coalition
  • Regis Airsoft Club
  • Arch Angels
  • Century Elite
  • Element Airsoft Team
  • Ronin - California

Current Fox Airsoft Sponsored Individuals

  • Airsoft Tech 23
  • Faunceify
  • Combative Airsoft