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ICS Large Female to Small Male Plug Adapter

  • ICS Large Female To Small Male




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  • Large female to small male Tamiya plug adapter

About the ICS Large Female to Small Male Plug Adapter

This plug adapter by ICS allows you to use your large plug wired battery to a gun wired to a small female connector.

You might find the large style plugs if you have an older  full stock equipped gun. The use of the large Tamiya-style plugs on the full stock guns used to be standard practice but lately most companies have stuck to the smaller Tamiya-style plugs. There is a negligible difference in performance or function but the majority of the batteries you find will also be using small Tamiya plugs so adapters like these exist.

Another use for this is to adapt battery chargers to your different batteries. If you have the ability to solder, you can also use these adapters as donors to convert to other charge plugs such as Deans style.

Q: How do I identify what type of adapter I need?
A: The plug coming out of the gun will be a male plug (the plug with prongs sticking out). The battery plug will always be a female type. The large plugs run about 14mm x 7mm x 28mm and the mini plugs are roughly 10mm x 6mm x 22mm. 



Things you should know: Although the normal Tamiya style connectors work fine for most people, we want to make you aware of other options out there as well. If you play quite frequently the Tamiya style plugs can wear out and become loose. If you are looking for an upgrade, we recommend Deans style (T Connector style) plugs. These hold much more securely and also provide your electrical system with lower resistance. That means your gun will operate slightly more efficiently with its current draw. You'll often see a slight response/rate of fire increase when you change to these plugs. Also these plugs are much more compact than the others and can handle higher currents without any problems when your gun has been upgraded to the max. These are not required but again, we often recommend them especially if you need to have your plugs repaired anyway. Typically if a Tamiya wired gun has a short or is drawing excessive amps the plug is the first thing to fry.

Deans style plugs are not offered at the factory by most airsoft gun makers though so this is an aftermarket modification you would typically have done by someone. If you are capable of soldering you can also install them yourself. Any sort of modifications done to your gun will void the warranty instantly even if it's a simple plug change. So if you intend to change anything on your gun, wait until the warranty period has ended. Do note that the Male Deans plugs have exposed prongs which can be dangerous if you accidentally wire a battery to this plug. Batteries should always be wired to the female side. The male side, if wired to a battery, will have a live wire situation since you have two exposed prongs with a current running through it. This is not good.


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  • MC-48A

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