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Double Bell AM45 Gas Blowback Pistol Pink

Posted by Colby Croghan on 8th Sep 2023

Once upon a time, in the world of airsoft, there existed a legendary sidearm that combined style and performance in a way that left players in awe. The Double Bell AM45 Gas Blowback Pistol, with its eye-catching pink finish, was not just a firearm replica; it was a statement piece on the battlefield. While this iconic pistol is no longer part of our inventory, its legacy and influence on airsoft enthusiasts live on.

The Double Bell AM45 was a true showstopper, designed for those who wanted to stand out while dominating the game. Its striking pink finish was a bold departure from the traditional black and tan pistols seen on the field. Whether you were a seasoned airsoft pro or a newcomer looking to make a memorable entrance, the AM45 was the perfect choice.

What set the AM45 apart was its realistic blowback action. Powered by green gas, every shot delivered a satisfying recoil, immersing players in an authentic shooting experience reminiscent of real firearms. The blowback action not only added a level of excitement to the game but also made each shot feel impactful and exhilarating.

Constructed with durability in mind, the AM45 was built to endure the rigors of intense airsoft battles. Its full metal slide and frame not only provided exceptional durability but also gave the pistol a realistic weight, offering players an authentic feel. With the AM45 by your side, you could focus on your performance without worrying about equipment failure.

The 20-round magazine ensured you had ample firepower without compromising the pistol's sleek and compact profile. Its slim design allowed for quick and easy maneuvering in tight spaces, while the responsive magazine release facilitated swift reloads during intense combat situations.

For those who demanded precision, the AM45 featured an adjustable hop-up system. This allowed players to fine-tune their shots for maximum accuracy and range. Whether you were engaging targets up close or taking aim from a distance, this pistol delivered consistent and precise performance, making it a reliable sidearm for various airsoft scenarios.

Comfort and ergonomics were paramount considerations in the AM45's design. The textured grip ensured a firm hold, even in sweaty or wet conditions, allowing you to maintain control and accuracy throughout the game. With ambidextrous slide release and safety features, it catered to both right and left-handed users, ensuring optimal usability for all players.

Player safety was a top priority, and the AM45 included a functional safety switch that prevented accidental firing. This added an extra layer of protection during transportation and handling, giving players peace of mind on and off the field.

As we reminisce about the unforgettable charm of the Double Bell AM45 Gas Blowback Pistol, it's important to remember that the spirit of airsoft is not just about the gear we carry but also about the brands that create these innovative pieces. For enthusiasts seeking the next iconic sidearm, turning your attention to the leading brands in airsoft handguns is a strategic move. These brands have consistently set the bar high, merging aesthetics with unparalleled functionality, much like the AM45 did with its distinct pink finish and robust performance. At Fox Airsoft, our commitment to excellence ensures that our selection includes only the best from these top manufacturers. Whether you're after something that stands out for its design or dominates in performance, our curated collection from the leading brands promises to meet your needs. Explore our range and find the perfect blend of style and efficiency to carry forward the legacy of standout airsoft handguns into your next battle.


At Fox Airsoft, we pride ourselves on curating a selection of airsoft handguns from leading brands known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. Each pistol in our collection represents the pinnacle of airsoft technology, offering players the opportunity to enhance their gameplay with tools that are both effective and visually striking. Dive into our extensive range of Beretta airsoft pistols and more, and discover your next companion for airsoft excellence.

While we bid farewell to the Double Bell AM45, we eagerly anticipate serving you with the latest and most innovative options in the world of airsoft. Enhance your gameplay, make your mark on the battlefield, and continue your airsoft journey with Fox Airsoft.

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