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Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch

Posted by George Church on 12th Jun 2023

Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch

Calling all experienced airsoft players! Are you on the hunt for a reliable magazine pouch to enhance your gear loadout? Look no further than the Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch. While this particular product may no longer be available, we're here to guide you towards other exceptional options on the market. Don't forget to click on the link provided at the beginning of this blog to explore some fantastic alternatives that will take your airsoft experience to new heights. 


Let's delve into the features and benefits of the Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch. Constructed to be MOLLE compatible, this closed-top magazine pouch ensures optimal security and retention for your magazines. The inclusion of sewn-in elastic further enhances magazine security during intense gameplay. With its 2x2 configuration, you have the convenience of storing two magazines horizontally and two magazines vertically, maximizing your carrying capacity. The Condor pouches even come with integral loops, eliminating the need for MALICE clips, which can potentially save you additional costs compared to traditional MOLLE pouches.

When it comes to selecting the right pouches for your gear setup, individual needs and preferences vary greatly among airsoft players. The beauty of the MOLLE system lies in its modularity, allowing you to configure your gear without making any permanent modifications. Whether you have a MOLLE chest rig or plate carrier, you have the freedom to customize your loadout according to your unique playstyle and requirements. Consider the following scenarios: perhaps you found yourself struggling to reload quickly in the heat of battle, or you realized that you didn't bring enough ammunition to sustain your gameplay. These challenges can be effectively addressed by incorporating the appropriate MOLLE pouches into your loadout. Through our experience, we've observed that both open-top and closed-top pouches have their own merits. Some players choose to utilize both styles simultaneously. If you frequently find yourself in situations that demand swift reloads, open-top pouches are an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize maximum security and retention for your magazines, closed-top pouches are unmatched. This configuration is particularly ideal for airsoft players engaging in milsim ops involving long patrols and extensive movement. Some players even opt for a combination of both, utilizing open-top pouches for quick reloads and closed-top pouches for carrying additional magazines, rotating them into open-top pouches as they are used. Remember, practice makes perfect! We've witnessed players master the art of utilizing closed-top pouches faster than some utilizing open-top pouches—it simply requires honing your skills through dedicated practice.

While the Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch is no longer available, we understand your enthusiasm for discovering other exceptional options. That's why we encourage you to click the link provided at the beginning of this blog to explore a wide range of alternatives that will suit your specific airsoft needs. Additionally, don't forget to consider the Matrix Propane Adapter for a cost-effective solution when it comes to fueling your gas guns.

Now, let's take a closer look at the key features of the Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch:

  • Available in OD or Tan, allowing you to choose a color that matches your personal style and loadout.
  • MOLLE compatible, ensuring seamless integration with your existing gear.
  • Specifically designed to hold M4/M16 magazines, catering to the needs of airsoft players utilizing these popular weapon platforms.
  • Integral MOLLE loop eliminates the need for MALICE clips, simplifying the setup process and potentially saving you additional costs.

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