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Enhanced M4 300rd High Cap Magazine

Posted by Colby Croghan on 6th Jul 2023

Enhanced M4 300rd High Cap Magazine

Enhanced M4 300rd High Cap Magazine

While the Enhanced M4 300rd High Cap Magazine is no longer available, we offer a wide range of other exceptional Airsoft Gun Accessories that can meet your needs. Explore our collection of accessories here.

The Enhanced M4 High Cap Magazine is designed specifically for M4 style electric airsoft guns, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of models. Constructed with durable metal, this magazine provides a high capacity of approximately 100 rounds when fully wound. It has been extensively tested and proven to work seamlessly with various M4 style guns, including popular brands like Elite Force, VFC, Classic Army, Echo1, ICS, Lancer Tactical, ASG, Apex, and more.

Using a high cap magazine is simple and straightforward. High cap magazines are identifiable by the trapdoor located at the top of the magazine and the winding wheel at the bottom. To load the magazine, open the trapdoor and pour BBs into the magazine until it reaches full capacity. Ensure that the BBs fill the magazine to the top. Once filled, close the trapdoor securely. Before use, it is crucial to wind the magazine by turning the winding wheel. Failure to do so will result in the magazine not feeding BBs properly. Rotate the wheel on the bottom of the magazine for several turns, listening for the distinct clicking sound as the internal spring reaches maximum tension. Once the clicking sound changes, the internal mechanism will allow the wheel to slip, preventing overwinding and potential damage to the spring. With a full wind, you should be able to fire approximately one-third of the magazine's capacity (in the case of M4 magazines) before needing to rewind.

When considering magazine options, it's essential to understand the differences between high capacity (high cap) and mid capacity (mid cap) magazines. High cap magazines excel in providing ample ammunition without the need for carrying multiple magazines, resulting in reduced costs compared to a full complement of mid caps. However, high cap magazines tend to be noisier, particularly when in motion. While a fully loaded high cap magazine may not generate much noise, the extra space within the magazine allows BBs to bounce around, creating a rattling sound often compared to a baby rattle. If your play style involves stationary positions, the noise may not be a significant concern. Additionally, the winding requirement of high cap magazines may be seen as a drawback by some users.

On the other hand, mid cap magazines are a preferable choice for milsim-minded players seeking a more immersive and dynamic experience. These magazines do not produce noise during usage and introduce additional excitement through frequent reloads. Their straightforward design allows for easy insertion into the gun without the need for winding. It's worth noting that certain events and major milsim operations may impose restrictions on the use of mid cap magazines, encouraging players to be more conservative with their ammunition and enhancing immersion in realistic scenarios.

Quick Look

  • 300 round capacity
  • High cap
  • Metal Construction

Although the Enhanced M4 300rd High Cap Magazine is no longer available, we invite you to explore our extensive range of Airsoft Gun Accessories. Our selection includes a wide variety of magazines, grips, scopes, mounts, and other accessories that can enhance your airsoft experience. Discover the possibilities and find the perfect accessories for your airsoft setup here.

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