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G&G Type 64 BR Airsoft Gun

Posted by Matt Meraz on 14th Apr 2023

As the G&G Type 64 BR Airsoft Gun reaches the end of its production run, it's only fitting that we pay tribute to this exceptional airsoft rifle that has left an indelible mark on the airsoft community. While we say goodbye to this premium AEG, we also reflect on its legacy and the unique qualities that made it a true standout in the industry.


The G&G Type 64 BR Airsoft Gun quickly earned its reputation as a super high-end AEG, thanks to its impeccable construction and attention to detail. With a full metal body, the rifle was not only durable but also boasted an authentic and realistic feel that many airsoft players cherished.

One of the most striking features of the G&G Type 64 BR was its real wood furniture, which added an extra touch of sophistication to the rifle. This elegant design element not only enhanced the weapon's overall appearance but also demonstrated the manufacturer's commitment to delivering a truly premium product.

The G&G Type 64 BR was also renowned for its innovative programmable MOSFET, which allowed players to program their gun on the fly using a wireless programming card. This cutting-edge technology provided airsoft enthusiasts with unparalleled control over their weapon's performance, catering to the varying needs and preferences of different players.

With a muzzle velocity of FPS with .20 gram BB's, the G&G Type 64 BR packed a powerful punch. This impressive firepower, combined with its sleek black color, ensured that the rifle commanded respect and admiration on the battlefield.

The G&G Type 64 BR weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz without the magazine, making it a solid and substantial airsoft rifle. With an entire package weight of 10 lbs 2 oz, this premium AEG was designed for serious airsoft players who demanded both reliability and performance from their weapon.

Measuring 38.8 inches in length and featuring a barrel length of 18.9 inches (480 mm), the G&G Type 64 BR offered a perfect balance between size and reach, allowing players to engage targets at various distances effectively.

Customer satisfaction was always a top priority for the G&G Type 64 BR. FOX AIRSOFT provided a 30-day warranty and refund policy, while the manufacturer also offered a 60-day warranty for added peace of mind. This commitment to customer satisfaction cemented the G&G Type 64 BR's status as a highly sought-after airsoft rifle.

The G&G Type 64 BR Airsoft Gun, as it concludes its production, highlights its premium status with a full metal body and real wood furniture, merging durability with sophistication. Its innovative programmable MOSFET, powerful performance, and sleek design set a high standard for Automatic airsoft guns, demonstrating G&G's commitment to quality and technological advancement in the airsoft industry. For a closer look at its features and legacy, you can visit Fox Airsoft's website.

Although the G&G Type 64 BR Airsoft Gun may have been discontinued, its contributions to the airsoft community will continue to be celebrated and appreciated for years to come. This high-end AEG's superb craftsmanship, innovative technology, and stunning design set a high bar for future airsoft guns to reach for.

As we bid farewell to the G&G Type 64 BR, we also celebrate its legacy as an outstanding airsoft rifle that has shaped the industry and created unforgettable experiences for countless airsoft enthusiasts. The G&G Type 64 BR will always be remembered as a discontinued classic that set the standard for premium AEGs.

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