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Is Airsoft Safe?

Posted by Matt Meraz on 8th Sep 2016

Is Airsoft Safe?  The answer is simple, when done in the correct way and taking appropriate precautions, you can have a great time and enjoy airsoft safely.  We hit some of the main safety points below, you can also watch the video to see the big 4 that Matt covers. We offer a FREE Safety Class at our store in Parker Colorado if you'd like some more in depth information and training.  Click below for more details. 

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Tip 1: Play on Sanctioned Fields. Playing in local neighborhood is not a good idea.   Airsoft guns look realistic, which can lead to law enforcement being called, it's not worth the risk.  Also, you put others at risk who don't have the proper protective gear on.  Playing in a sanctioned, designated airsoft field is going to be the best solution, you'll play with other people who love doing the same thing and who are wearing the appropriate protective gear. 

Tip 2: Use a gun bag.  Since the guns look realistic, it's important that you transport them in an appropriate gun bag. Even if you're just going from your home to your car, people will be concerned if they see rifles out in the open. Getting a rifle case or bag is definitely something that every airsoft player should have, it keeps the rifle out of site and can help you keep all of your gear like magazines, batteries, and other accessories together when you're going to and from the field.

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Tip 3: Wear rated eye protection.  All eye protection must have an impact rating of ANSI Z87 or better.  In addition to the lens impact rating, your eye protection must provide a full seal around the face and have a retention strap.  This is critical so that you don't lose the eye protection while running around in the field.  With these requirements in mind, you don't want to be using standard shooting glasses - these are fine for target practice, but not when actively playing.  Another question we get, is can I use ski goggles in place of eye protection? Ski goggles WILL NOT protect your eyes.  Unless the goggle lens has the Ansi Z87 rating, the BB can penetrate the lens.  

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Tip 4: Wear a face mask.  You want to protect the lower half of your face, specifically your teeth. When you're out playing in the hot sun for several hours, you will be breathing hard, you will be breathing through your mouth, your mouth will be open. An airsoft BB can break teeth, a fake tooth can cost a few thousand dollars in dental work, whereas a mask will only cost you around $20. a mesh mask or a full face mask will protect your teeth, mouth, nose, and the soft tissue around your face.

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If you follow these 4 tips, you're going to be able to safely enjoy airsoft for many years to come.  Also, if you're interested in learning more about doing airsoft safely, make sure to click the button below where you can sign up for our FREE Airsoft Safety Class at our store in Parker Colorado.

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