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Jag TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa

Posted by Colby Croghan on 7th Sep 2023

About the JAG TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa

The JAG TTI Sand Viper Hi-CAPA from Jag Precision is an outstanding airsoft pistol that stands out among the crowd. This high-capacity automatic pistol is a unique blend of modern design and advanced technology, making it the perfect choice for airsoft enthusiasts who demand the best.

The TTI Sand Viper Hi-CAPA features a sleek, ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. The weapon has a light, yet sturdy construction that makes it well-balanced and highly maneuverable. The high-capacity magazine can hold up to 31 BBs, allowing you to spend more time shooting and less time reloading.

The pistol also features a full metal slide and frame, giving it a solid and durable feel. The gun's construction is highly resistant to wear and tear, and it is designed to last for years. The frame is fitted with a textured grip that provides a comfortable, secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions.

The TTI Sand Viper Hi-CAPA also boasts a number of advanced features that set it apart from the competition. The pistol is equipped with an adjustable Hop-Up system, which provides greater accuracy and range. The Hop-Up system is easy to adjust, allowing you to fine-tune your shots for optimal performance.

Overall, the TTI Sand Viper Hi-CAPA from Jag Precision is an exceptional airsoft pistol that offers a perfect combination of form and function. Whether you're a seasoned airsoft enthusiast or a beginner looking to take your skills to the next level, this pistol is the perfect choice. So why wait? Get your hands on the TTI Sand Viper Hi-CAPA today, and experience the ultimate pistol in airsoft!

What's Included In The Box:

  • JAG GBB TTI Sand Viper
  • 30 round green gas magazine

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: JAG GBB TTI Sand Viper
  • Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS with .20 gram BB's
  • Body Type: Metal frame and slide, Polymer grip
  • Hop-up Type: Wheel, Adjustable
  • Colors: Bronze


  • Q: Is the Jag TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa fully licensed?
  • A: The JAG TTI John Wick 3 2011 Combat Master is a fully licensed replica of the Taran Tactical Innovations Sand viper.

  • Q: What is the Jag TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa made of?
  • A: The slide, frame, barrel, hammer assembly, magwell, and safeties are made out of metal. The grip is made out of a stippled polymer.

  • Q: What weight BBs should I use in the Jag TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa?
  • A: We recommend using 0.25g BBs or heavier. 0.25g bbs will provide the best range if you are playing pistol only. However with this gun being designed for close range combat you will see better accuracy for CQB environments with 0.28g bbs.

  • Q: What gas should I use in the Jag TTI Sand Viper Hi Capa?
  • A: We recommend green gas if you have an airsoft store local to you. If you do not have a local airsoft store you can use a propane adapter to use propane. Using propane in your gun is not bad for it but it will require you to clean and lubricate your gun much more often.

The JAG TTI Sand Viper Hi-Capa is an exceptional choice among high-quality airsoft pistols, blending modern design with advanced technology. Its ergonomic design, lightweight yet sturdy build, and high-capacity magazine make it a standout choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking superior performance and reliability. With features like a full metal slide and frame, and an adjustable Hop-Up system for accuracy, this pistol exemplifies the fusion of form and function, making it a top pick for players aiming for excellence in their airsoft gear.



Alternate Lookup: JAG GBB TTI Sand Viper

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Honestly, this is the only airsoft shop I will ever buy from. Their guns are always quality. Their custom work is mind blowing. Their staff is not only helpful, but always happy to help. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, these guys have guns, gear, and good advice for every situation.
— R. King
Awesome company and products. Received sooner than projected from Colorado and I'm in California. Less than 2 days from placing order to receiving it. . Everything shipped as ordered . Incredible selection and great price... Did my homework and eventually came back to them. I'm glad I did. My squad will be ordering and I be ordering more gear as well.
— John
Great people great place I've ordered a few small things. Delivery was on time both times great items. Yesterday I checked my mail they sent me a fox airsoft patch just to say thanks and to me that's a way to do bussiness. Fox y'all have got business keep up the good work.
— Matt
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