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Krytac Enhanced LMG Airsoft Gun Review

Posted by Fox Airsoft on

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The  Krytac LMG "Enhanced" version has been one of the most highly anticipated guns to be released this year.   The wait is finally over for the LMG.   We have had these in for a couple of weeks now and had a chance to fully test them and so far we really enjoy these guns.  I personally want to use this as my main Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) gun.  Before the original release of this style of gun and even with the older Ares Defense Shrike configuration was a controversial gun for Operations (Ops) because of the difficulty in classification of the weapon system.  Also some people like to think of it as a bastardized support gun/M4.  I personally am in love with the gun. From my experience playing at National Operations, i find the gun to be perfect for Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) sites.  This is due to its lightweight and extremely maneuverable size.  

Let's take a look at the above picture and study what really sets this apart from any other Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). Lets look at the upper receiver first, which is completely different than any standard M4/M16 upper receiver.  It is heavily reinforced aluminum with a port to allow feeding from a 5.56 box magazine.  The upper also has a side mounted charging handle on the left side of the gun.  This is a perfect spot for cambering a round while in the prone position. Also note the picatinny railed feed tray cover.  I feel this added bulk and design is no doubt a LMG/Support weapon, especially considering there is a real steel version of this gun.   

The charging handle also is able to fold up and out of the way, perfect for storage inside a gun case of your choice.  Not that important but certainly a testament  to  Krytac's attention to detail and is a nice touch.

Enough about charging handles... Let's look at the other side of the receiver. First thing you may notice is the two ejection ports, or at least what appears to be two ejection ports. The top port is for the disintegrating links commonly used by NATO in their 5.56mm belt fed weapons. The bottom port is the actual ejection port for the fired brass. The lightening cuts on the upper receiver are cool as they are able to reduce the weight of the upper while still having plenty of rigidity of the upper receiver. Another notable feature is the functional ambidextrous selector lever. I say functional, because there are some airsoft guns that have a non functional safety lever believe it or not.  Also the  Lancer Tactical Red Dot sight is one of my favorites.

Let's move to the front of the gun and check out what really makes this gun awesome (of course in my opinion.) This gun, like most of Krytac's offerings, sports a nice aluminum Keymod handguard. This Keymod handguard is the handguard of handguards. Although beefy, the rail is extremely lightweight, I wouldn't be surprised if this rail was offered in a standard picatinny style rail interface system that it would be double the weight. This is another feature that makes the gun so nimble compared to standard Chinese die-cast pot metal support guns. I attached the  Speed Airsoft Offset Light Mount and I put the NcStar LED Flashlight inside. On the bottom I have the Hera Arms HFG, these are my favorite stubby grips. For those that are not fully familiar with the Keymod system or those that want to know more about Keymod accessories specifically, please take a look at the other blog I wrote specifically on Keymod accessories and the history of Keymod.

The stock is another great feature on this gun (and all  Krytac guns).  The stock has huge battery storage space.  It can fit 9.6v butterfly batteries or 11.1v buffer tube batteries no problem.  Also the QD sling swivel socket is a very nice addition. I personally love two point slings on QD swivels. I have QD sockets on all my guns so I can switch my sling between multiple weapons effortlessly.  Before I switched everything over I was using HK Hooks and then ITW Mash hooks as those were popular options, but in the end I went back to what has been available for years, the good ol' fashion push button QD sling swivel.   Anyone have any idea what the bottom picatinny rail is for?  Scroll down and check out the picture below.

Was that what you were expecting?  For more open terrain, with less CQB, I would configure the gun as above with an  NcStar Precision Bipod and a rear vertical grip.  This comes in handy when shooting in the prone position. Actually it is standard protocol to use two hands when firing a lot of support weapons. Let's take a look at this British soldier in the image below firing the L86 Light Support Weapon

Here is Rob, one of our customers, demonstrating firing the Krytac LMG with the rear grip. (Note his Oakley Ferrari swag) mounted a standard rail mounted vertical grip to the rail section on the stock and used the ICS Keymod Bipod Adapter to attached the NcStar Bipod to it.

I didn't talk much about the internals because Krytac's gearbox is well known to be extremely solid. If you are unfamiliar with their internals I will briefly go over some of the key features;

- EXTREMELY Reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox shell
- Integrated MOSFET (Protects the trigger switch from arcing and has a lower resistance than a conventional switch.
- Radiused Cuts inside Gearbox Cylinder Window to prevent cracking.
- Quick change spring guide.
- 30k RPM High Torque motor
- Extra material in the front to prevent cracking

Overall this gun is one of my top two choices for support weapons.  The impressionist side of me makes me want to use the  Action Sport Games Mk43 but the older practical side of me makes me want to use the Krytac LMG. First world problems. I will probably end up using both guns throughout the year depending on the Operation.  


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