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NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake

Posted by George Church on 6th Jul 2023

NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake

NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake - Enhance the Appearance of Your AK Airsoft Rifle

Attention, airsoft enthusiasts! While we no longer carry the NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake, we invite you to explore our selection of muzzle brakes to find the perfect accessory for your airsoft rifle. Our range of muzzle devices will not only enhance the appearance of your AK-style airsoft gun but also provide additional customization options to suit your preferences on the field.

The NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake is a metal replacement muzzle brake designed for AK-style rifles. While originally intended for real firearms, it conveniently features the same -14mm barrel threading as the majority of our airsoft guns. Constructed from treated steel, this muzzle brake is engineered to withstand the pressures and intense heat generated by live ammunition. Although it serves a functional purpose when used on a real firearm by redirecting gasses to counteract muzzle climb, it is important to note that this muzzle device has no effect on the performance of your airsoft gun.

One notable characteristic of muzzle brakes is their tendency to produce a loud concussive blast compared to standard flash hiders. However, when it comes to airsoft, the primary appeal lies in the aesthetic enhancement they offer. By adding the NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake to your airsoft AK, you can achieve a more realistic and authentic look. The weight of the muzzle brake also contributes to the overall balance of your airsoft gun, offering a satisfying feel during gameplay.

The addition of the NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake to an ak airsoft gun represents an impressive blend of form and function, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and performance of the firearm. This accessory not only elevates the realism of the AK airsoft gun, making it closely resemble its real-world counterpart, but also contributes to improved stability and accuracy during gameplay. By focusing on such detailed upgrades, airsoft enthusiasts can significantly enhance their tactical experience, underscoring the importance of customization in achieving both a visually striking and functionally superior airsoft weapon. The exploration of accessories like the muzzle brake showcases the depth of customization available for airsoft players, allowing for a personalized approach to gear that fits individual play styles and preferences.

If you're aiming for a true-to-life AK appearance, another alternative to consider is the AK slant brake. This option provides a similar visual upgrade and contributes to the overall authenticity of your airsoft AK-style rifle.

Quick Look:

  • -14mm (CCW) threading.
  • Steel construction.
  • Length: 2.9 inches.
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces.


  • Q: Does this item have any effect on my airsoft gun?
    A: No, it has no function in airsoft and would not affect performance in any way.
  • Q: Is installing this in place of my orange tip legal?
    A: Airsoft guns imported into the United States are required by law to have a permanently affixed orange tip upon arrival. However, local regulations may vary once the product is sold through a retailer. It's essential to treat your airsoft gun responsibly and be mindful of transportation and display regulations in your area.
  • Q: What is the difference between a muzzle brake and flash hider?
    A: A muzzle brake, also known as a compensator, features chambers and ports to redirect or bleed off gases, effectively countering muzzle climb. On the other hand, a flash hider or flash suppressor has an open design with a wide exit on the bore side. Its primary function is to disperse unburnt gases to reduce muzzle signature and prevent the shooter from being blinded by their own muzzle flash.

In the realm of airsoft, the customization of your gear can significantly enhance both the realism of your weapon and your overall experience on the field. While the NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake offers an impressive aesthetic upgrade to AK-style airsoft rifles, it's important to navigate modifications, such as replacing the factory-installed orange tip, with care and knowledge. This brings us to a common customization query: how to remove the orange tip from an airsoft gun.

The orange tip on airsoft guns serves as a legal requirement in many countries, including the United States, to distinguish them from real firearms. However, for aesthetic reasons or during gameplay in controlled environments, players often seek to replace these orange tips with more realistic muzzle devices like the NcSTAR AK Muzzle Brake.

Removing the orange tip involves a few careful steps:

  1. Understand Local Laws: First and foremost, be aware of your local laws regarding airsoft guns. The removal of the orange tip may be restricted or may require certain conditions to be met.
  2. Safety First: Always ensure your airsoft gun is unloaded and the battery is removed (if applicable) before attempting any modifications.
  3. Heating the Glue: Most orange tips are secured with adhesive or are thread-locked. Applying gentle heat with a hairdryer or heat gun can soften this adhesive, making the tip easier to remove.
  4. Twisting Off the Tip: Once the glue is softened, carefully twist off the orange tip. Some tips are screwed on with a -14mm counterclockwise thread (common in airsoft guns), so turning it the correct way is crucial.
  5. Installing the New Muzzle Device: With the orange tip removed, you can now thread on your new muzzle device, such as a muzzle brake or flash hider, ensuring it's securely attached.

It's critical to treat your airsoft gun with the same respect and caution as a real firearm, especially after modifications that enhance its realism. When transporting your airsoft gun, always use a rifle bag or case, and consider local regulations and public perception. Misunderstandings can easily occur, and maintaining a responsible image for the airsoft community is paramount.

Remember, the goal of customizing your airsoft gun, whether it's with the addition of a realistic muzzle brake or any other accessory, is to enhance your playing experience while keeping safety and legality at the forefront. With the right approach, you can achieve a more authentic and enjoyable airsoft experience.

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