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What is Hop Up in Airsoft?

Posted by Matthew Meraz on 30th Jul 2022

What is Hop Up in Airsoft?

In most basic terms hop up in airsoft is like rifling on a real gun. The hop-up units on airsoft guns put a backspin on the BB's which in turn increase their range and accuracy. 

What Is The Purpose Of Hop-Up?

A high-quality airsoft gun contains several key components that play significant roles in making the gun perform effectively. A hop-up (High-Operation Power) is essential for maintaining modern airsoft weapons' accuracy.

A hop-up is a device that adds backspin to a BB, allowing it to fly considerably longer without descending as rapidly, a phenomenon known as the Magnus effect. 

The backspin will reduce the air pressure at the BB's top and slows the BB's descent.

Hop-up units are simply a chamber with a bucking made of rubber through which the BB goes, with a little protrusion (called the nub) impeding the top of the BB for a brief second and imparting backspin. The rubber-made bucking allows for some compression, so the BB isn't overly slowed, and the bucking doesn't wear out as soon.

These backspins may reach 120,000 rpm, but hop-ups are customizable, allowing players to fine-tune their gun's performance to their specific tastes. In most cases when you take an airsoft gun out of the box the hop-up needs to be adjusted. 

How Does A Hop-Up Unit Work?

To understand how the hop-up unit work and the mechanism behind it, we need to understand the Magnus effect and a little Hop-Up Physics. So, let's begun:

If you're a physics geek, this is going to be an exciting topic for you. If Physics goes out of your head, pay a little more attention.

The Magnus effect is what makes this entire thing work. We'll learn how this creates lift and make BBs fly longer; not to mention, a little grasp of applied physics will help you learn how to alter your hop-up to obtain the results you desire.

When a cylindrical or spherical projectile (such as a football or BB) moves through the air, a surface layer of non-moving air is formed, known as the boundary layer. Hop-ups make use of the fact that this air may be propelled off a projectile. When the projectile is given a spin, it throws off this boundary layer at an angle.

The rotation's direction determines the exact angle. According to Newton's Laws, the spinning object must travel in the opposing direction for air to be ejected in one direction. Forcing a BB to spin backward as it passes through the air would cause the boundary layer to be thrown lower and to the rear, resulting in lift.

How To Adjust A Hop-Up Airsoft Gun?

Different types of hop-ups depend on the type and internal space of the replica available in the market. These include standard hop, flat hop, R hops, buckings, and Hop-Up Nubs.

Most low-cost AEGs, for example, include a standard hop-up mechanism that allows the player to adjust the amount of hop pressed onto the BB by turning a wheel beneath the bolt in the dust cover.

However, a better and more exact rotary version of the hop-up mechanism is available, allowing for a more precise tune-up. Because the adjustment wheel has a larger diameter, it takes more turns to produce a noticeable impact, allowing for considerably more precision.

If you're thinking about how to set up the replica, there's one way to accomplish it. You must find an open space and a safe location to test your rifle. Ideally, you should do it before the game on the airsoft game field. We recommend firing ten to twenty rounds to warm up the hop rubber.

Troubleshooting Hop-Up Problems

No one can guarantee that your hop-up will be working fine right out of the box. 

1) When I pull the trigger the BB that's shot take a steep curve downwards

In this case, we typically find that you have too little hop-up enabled. You will need to turn down your hop up.

2) When I pull the trigger the BB floats upwards

You have too much hop up enabled! In this case simply turn the dial and adjust it one turn at a time firing a few shots in between. Repeat this process until it's performing as you like it to. 

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft was created in Japan during the 1970s as a hobby toy for those who wanted to enjoy real firearms but couldn't. The early Airsoft weapons were rudimentary and made of plastic, and they were essentially toys. However, since its inception, Airsoft has become a much larger phenomenon millions of people enjoy.

Although Airsoft weapons resemble actual firearms, they are classified as toys. The objective of airsoft guns is to operate as a tagging device; they are similar to paintball guns, but without the paint on the target and seem more realistic.

There are various sorts and styles of these firearms available in stores nowadays. Some have plastic structures, while others have metal construction. Here are the most popular types of airsoft guns are:


That's all, guys! You're on the right way to being an expert in all things hop-ups, and you're going to crush it at parties with your newfound physics expertise. You should buy the best quality products from good companies such as Fox Airsoft to get the best experience from your Airsoft Hop-up guns. Before purchasing products, make sure to check the condition of the hop-up unit and everything you buy.

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