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HK UMP 120 Rd. Airsoft Magazine

  • HK UMP 120 round magazine




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About the HK UMP 120 Rd. Airsoft Magazine:

The HK UMP 120 Rd. Airsoft Magazine is a great option if you are looking at getting into competitive play.  Many Military Simulation Events (MILSIM) require that players use non-winding "mid capacity" magazines.  This requires players to carry more magazines and change magazines more frequently in the field.  In addition to enhancing the play, it also challenges the players in their field reloading skills.  It also provides some key benefits to the players. A high capacity magazine has loose BBs that tend to rattle around, when you're on a mission that requires you to be silent, this could be very detrimental and give your position away in the field.  The mid capacity magazine solves this as there are no loose BBs, they are all under spring tension and ready to fire.  It also eliminates that need to be constantly winding your magazines in the field.  There is nothing worse than having BBs in your magazine, coming up on a target and nothing coming out of the barrel because it was time to wind the magazine.  This UMP magazine accurately replicates the real UMP magazine in size.  Looking for a pouch to house them in?  Use the P90 magazine pouches by condor - these are MOLLE mount and can fit on any tactical vest or plate carrier to keep your magazines secure in the field.  The average player is going to carry between 6 and 10 spare mid capacity magazines in a large event.  Also, make sure to have a speed loader handy so that you can quickly reload your magazines in the field.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x 120 Rd. HK UMP Magazine

Quick Overview:

  • 120 Rd. Capacity
  • Can use all types of 6mm airsoft ammunition
  • .45 Auto Engravings in the side of the magazine

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: 2278058
  • Construction: Polymer Construction
  • Compatibility: Umarex UMP Competition and Elite Series Electric Guns
  • Capacity: 120 Rds. of 6mm Airsoft Ammunition

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Dry Weight of the magazine is: 5oz
  • Entire package weight: 6oz
  • Length: 10 inches

Replacement Parts


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and refund policy which you can read more about here.

Alternate Lookup: 2278058