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ASG CZ 75 Green Gas 24 Rd Magazine

  • CZ 75 24 round CO2 Magazine
  • CZ 75 24 round Green Gas Magazine




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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the CZ 75 24 Rd. Magazine

ASG distributes and licenses the KJW version of the CZ 75.  This pistol has the ability to utilize CO2 or Green Gas Magazines.  This magazine is what you need for this pistol.  The green gas version utilizes standard green gas.  Green gas magazines do not require any additional lubrication long term as the lubrication is built into the gas canister.  The CO2 magazines feature have an enlarged base plate to conceal the CO2 cartridge.  CO2 is beneficial in that it will work in colder weather (usually down to 20 degree Farenheit) and you can have a larger number of shots available compared to green gas.  CO2 magazines do require lubrication to be added to ensure that the seals do not wear out.  We recommend the SLIP 2000 airsoft lubricant.  No matter what you choose, you can be assured that KJW produces a quality magazine that will meet your needs.

What's Included in the Box:

  • 1 x Green Gas CZ 75 24 Rd. Magazine 

Quick Overview:

  • Available as either CO2 or Green Gas


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy which you can read more about here

Alternate Lookup 

  • 17401
  • 17400

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