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Echo1 Barrel Extension (3-pack)

  • Echo1 3-piece barrel extension set




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About the Echo1 Barrel Extension Set

This 3 piece set of barrel extensions by Echo1 will bring your gun to desired length. This threads on to any -14mm (Counter-Clockwise) thread and with these three pieces you have the choice to make your gun as long as you want. Why would you want to use these? For some people they would like to increase their guns performance with the addition of a longer tight bore inner barrel. You have to cover up that exposed inner barrel with something and it can be with a mock suppressor or these barrel extension pieces. Why does it need to be covered up? The inner barrel can be damaged if left exposed by you running into things and other typical rough handling you will give your gun when you go out and play. Inner barrels are not very rigid especially aluminum so this is a way to protect that.

Another use is if you are trying to add a flash hider or mock suppressor to a gun that just does not clear your rail system (i.e. the diameter of the handguard is too small). The shortest piece may give you just enough to clear that rail system. Guns like some of the new ICS MMRs and the CQB models of the VFC Avalons for example have flash hiders that are partially hidden inside the handguard. You can make your carbine into the appropriate length for a DMR with the longer pieces. Your shorter LMG can also be extended the same way to be a more intermediate size (M249 Para for example extended to Mk II length).

If you like to mess with the configuration of your guns all the time this is a handy thing to have in your kit. Convert your outer barrel length to anything you desire in seconds. These pieces are made of lightweight aluminum so they will be plenty strong without adding a lot of mass to your gun.

About Echo1 USA

Echo1 USA is one of the oldest names in airsoft in the US. In the early days of airsoft in America your only choice for airsoft guns and parts was only by ordering very expensive items from overseas with a risk of getting your items seized by customs. Secondly the guns were made to shoot at a spec that is suited for markets that do not allow for high power making them often collector grade unless you put some work into them. Echo1 brought us the first guns you could buy here in the US that were not only affordable but have the performance we desire for people who actually play the game of airsoft. Echo1 USA is still a main player in America and many brands that we now talk about in America owe it to Echo1 for paving the way.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x 1" extension
  • 1 x 2" extension
  • 1 x 4" extension

Quick Overview:

  • Aluminum construction
  • -14mm (CCW threading)



Alternate Lookup: ECHO BARL EXT SET

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