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Cut Off Lever

The cutoff lever is a component inside the gearbox of an electric gun and it makes possible the semi-auto function. Without a functioning cutoff lever your gun will only go full auto. The cutoff lever interacts with the cam on your sector gear to give you semi-auto capability. When your selector is set to semi-auto, the cutoff lever can move to the open and close position with each rotation of the gear when the cam is touching it. When the cutoff lever gets tripped, it releases the shuttle on the switch assembly and interrupts the electrical current running through the contacts which gives you a single shot. For full auto, the cutoff lever is left in the open position where the cam will not touch it and the lever does not disrupt the trigger shuttle form making contact. It is hard to say what the service life for a cutoff lever will be as it depends on the materials it is made of as well as how tough the gear is that it interacts with. You will have metal to metal contact and typically the gear and cam on the gear will be much stronger than the cutoff lever.

Tip: Most malfunctions on non MOSFET guns leading to full-auto only or intermittent semi-auto functionality can be linked to a faulty cut-off lever or the trigger shuttle in the switch assembly. If your gun is struggling to cycle that is a different matter as this is more relating to the electrical system rather than mechanical parts.

Q: Do I need to change this right away?
A: Cutoff levers may last indefinitely so this is a part that you do not need to address until your gun starts to act up. The stock cutoff levers in some brand guns are already a hardnened steel and should last a long time.

Fox Custom is our offshoot brand of parts that we like to use in all our custom builds as well as suggested upgrades for repair work that we do locally. These are high quality precision manufactured parts designed to deliver performance and long service life. 

If you need help or consultation on repairs you could give us a ring at (888)316-7816 or shoot us an e-mail at . Although we only offer tech work to our local walk-in customers, we would still be happy to point you in the right direction. The senior staff and owners of the company have been playing for well over 15 years and certified and authorized by several major manufacturers to do OEM quality repair and warranty work.

Note: Fox does not warranty or accept returns for parts that have been installed/attempted to be installed.

Note: Due to varying manufacturer tolerances for gearbox internals, parts compatibility no matter what version might NOT fit even if it is supposedly correct and fitment is NOT guaranteed. The reality is that some parts may need fitting and some parts might look the same but the dimensions are slightly different enough to not work. This will require technical experience to identify to overcome.

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