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Echo1 E90/P90 68-round mid cap magazine

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About the E90/P90 68-round Mid Capacity Magazine

This is compatible with various P90 style AEGs however will require the use of a BB loader to fill this magazine. This magazine is made by Echo1 USA.

About the FN P90 airsoft gun

Cybergun produces the FN P90 under license from FN Herstal. The airsoft gun version is a really compact gun that replicates the form and function of the real bullpup PDW faithfully. Its size makes it perfect for up close CQB engagements though we have to warn you these do hit as hard as any other full size AEGs. In fact, due to the bullpup design, this has got to be the shortest AEG with a full size metal gearbox out there. That means you enjoy big gun performance out of a small package. This gun is very light and versatile for its size.

The real FN P90 derives its name from the time it was introduced and was known as the FN Project 1990. It was created in response to NATO requests for a personal defense weapon (PDW) to take the place of their 9mm firearms and serve as vehicle crew weapons, defensive weapons for support personnel and so on. The concept of the personal defense weapon is not new but it has enjoyed a resurgence with the introduction of new smaller faster calibers that could penetrate armor and be carried just as easily as submachinegun rounds. Combine that with a bullpup design and you have yourself a very easy to control and maneuverable weapon that packs way more punch outside of its weight class. From the time it was released, its looks were very futuristic and out of this world. The magazine sits on top of the gun and the spent shell casings of its unique 5.7mm x 28mm round are ejected from the bottom of the gun. The P90 is used by many countries and police forces. The most notable users in the US would have to be the Secret Service. The development of this firearm and its ammo have lead to the creation of the sidearm intended to be carried by NATO personnel, the FN 5-7 pistol. Objections from Germany over what caliber to actually use as a standard NATO PDW caliber has created some a controversy because by most objective reviews it is considered a better caliber than 4.6mm x 30mm (the round for the HK MP7).

One great feature of the real P90 is its small rounds means that you can carry much more ammo. The magazine in the real P90 can hold 50-rounds which is quit a substantial amount. Comparable 9mm SMGs would have you carrying only 30-rounds per magazine. The original P90s feature an integral reflex sighting system however later on the TR (tactical rail) model was introduced which allowed you to mount optics and accessories on the picatinny rail.


What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x 68-round magazine

Quick Overview:

  • Polymer construction
  • Translucent smoke color with fake bullets
  • Works with Echo1 ETW/E90, Cybergun P90



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