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ASG Airsoft Mesh Mask with Ear Protection

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About the ASG Hybrid Mesh Mask with Ear Protection

When out on the field a mesh mask is the second most important piece of gear you have. The only more important thing is a set of good goggles. Mesh masks provide the proper amount of protection for airsoft while maintaining your ability to breathe, communicate, and avoid fogging up your eye wear since these do not trap hot air like a traditional plastic or polymer mask. The hybrid mask with ear protection is an improvement over the standard mesh mask. It still protects all of the important stuff (the nose and mouth), however has flexible soft sides made of fabric which is much more comfortable than the previous generation mask that is mesh all the way around. This mask also comes with hard mesh ear cups surrounded by the fabric allowing you to retain your hearing while keeping your ears safe and comfortable.


What's Included In The Box:

  • Hybrid Mesh Face Protector with Ear Protection

Quick Overview

  • Available in 3 Colors: Black, Tan, OD, and Multicam

  • Mesh allows moist air to flow through freely eliminating goggle fogging

  • Mesh ear cups to prevent any bbs from hitting the ears

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Dry Weight of the mesh mask is: 5oz

  • Entire package weight: 9oz

  • Length: 18in (458mm)

  • Height: 6in (153mm)


Q:  Who will this mask fit?

A: The mask is very adjustable and should fit nearly anyone. However it will not fit small children well due to the extra ear cups.

Q:  What colors does the mask come in?

A: The mask comes in Tan, Olive Drab, Black, and Multicam.

Q:  What materials is the mesh mask made out of?

A: The mesh mask is made out of a high quality mesh and a soft, padded fabric making it extremely comfortable and safe.

Q:  Will the fabric protect me from bb impacts?

A: Yes the fabric is padded allowing it to protect your face from bb impacts.

Q:  Why use a mesh mask over a plastic or polymer mask?

A: Mesh masks are much more flexible than their plastic counter parts. This means you can shape them to your face to make them extremely comfortable. Mesh mask can also breathe a lot better. They let moisture out through the small gaps in the mesh. This allows the moisture to escape rather than gathering in your goggles.


The ASG hybrid mesh mask with ear protection is a great lower face and ear protection option. It provides great protection with the ability to fit any face type. It also provides ear protection if you don’t want to wear a separate set of ear protection. This style of mask provides the best coverage comfort and protection on the market. It covers everything from your nose and mouth all the way around to your ears in a sleek, clean package. It also allows any moisture to escape keeping your goggles fog free.



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