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ASG MOLLE Mount for Holster

  • ASG MOLLE Mount for Holster




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About the ASG MOLLE Mount for Holster

Convert your Action Sport Games Strike Systems holster to mount to MOLLE webbing such as those found on tactical vests and drop leg platforms. With ASG's modular Strike System series of holsters, you can adapt one holster to many types of loadouts and situations. The Strike System holster series is made up of locking holsters made from injection molded materials. The locking mechanism secures your pistol from coming out unintentionally and is released by the press of a large button on the side of the holster. By default the Strike System holsters are configured to be used as a paddle holster which clips to your pants and follows the contour of your body. 

Available other options to adapt your holster are this MOLLE adapter, belt loop adapter, as well as drop-leg panel adapter. You will want to run the MOLLE adapter if you wish to mount your pistol to your web gear such as your plate carrier or a modular drop leg panel. Some people might not like the hard plastic drop leg panels so this would be the alternative to getting a true drop leg platform. The belt loop adapter hangs the holster slightly off the belt as opposed to the default paddle which just clips to your pants. The belt loop is ultimately more secure but more difficult to take on and off unlike the paddle. All of the Strike System holsters mount with a single bolt however the holster can be timed at whatever angle you would prefer thanks to the integrated adjustable mount molded straight to the components. Simply mount the holster at whatever angle you prefer (some people like a slight cant to improve their draw), line up the grooves in the mount and then secure the single bolt with the supplied allen keys.

To mount this to MOLLE webbing, push the twin hook side in first. You can squeeze them to get them to go into the webbing easier, or flex the webbing or gear as well so that you will have an easier time. As you are inserting the clip in, Index the two top ears to the row of MOLLE webbing above where you are hooking in. This will keep everything nice and aligned as well as secured. Since the lower hooks grab on this setup should not come undone on its own.

Q: What is injection molding and what does it mean for holsters?
A: Injection molding is a process used to make affordable holster such as these. It relies on a mold which is filled with plastic material. General fit and finish will be excellent and you won't be able to tell the difference between this and a very expensive holster for fit. Manufacturers can save you money with this process because mass production is much faster and easier this way. For airsoft this is perfectly usable. Other holster types include the soft/sewn nylon type and Kydex. The nylon type requires being sewn by hand or machine and is more expensive than a molded holster. Kydex is a hard plastic material that is very durable. People and manufacturers alike use this material to make their own holster that is going to be very strong. The material as well as time to produce make this more expensive.

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