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Mechanix Original Gloves

  • Mechanix Original Gloves Covert
  • Mechanix Original Gloves Coyote
  • Mechanix Original Gloves Multicam




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Quick Look: 

  • Form-fitting design
  • Hook and loop strap provides exceptional security to fit
  • Reinforced sections for increased durability
  • Single layer palm provides the most tactile feel and maintains dexterity
  • Nylon loop designed to help store gloves easier
  • Machine washable

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of Mechanix Wear Original Gloves

About the Mechanix Wear Original Gloves

"Before you tackle the next job, protect your hands with Mechanix Wear. Gloves born on the track, gloves made for the trade, and for the mission. Gloves made for home, toolbox, and garage. When the work is hands on, know who to trust. Mechanix Wear: The tool that fits like a glove!"

The Original series gloves by Mechanix Wear is a popular brand among (you guessed it) mechanics that somehow found its way over into the tactical world. Coming onto the scene in 1991, Mechanix Wear gloves made their debut in the racing circuits being used by crews in the Daytona 500. Mechanix soon spread to other places as they became a popular choice among trade professionals, construction workers, and anywhere that requires skilled hands. Decades later Mechanix has evolved into the brand you see today protecting the hands of our law enforcement and service members as well.

We don't know who in the service started the trend but it is because of military and law enforcement circles that we see Mechanix have become popular in the tactical world as well. Their popularity is not without merit, as Mechanix are a great multipurpose glove all around. They are highly breathable, maintain great dexterity, and help protect the hands from all sorts of hazards. These gloves provide the best fit unlike any other. Airsoft impressionists can't be without these if they are trying to complete an authentic military loadout. Meanwhile their superior fit and control means you can have tactile control of the situation when it is time to get hands on and manipulate your weapons and gear with zero hindrance. If you are looking for the real deal, these Mechanix are the ones to get. Mechanix Wear is the tool that fits like a glove.

Q: Do you need gloves for airsoft?
A: We get a lot of questions from concerned parents of new players about what is needed and they sometimes ask for a list. Aside from the required face and eye protection, gear is purely optional and entirely up to you. You can customize your loadout for comfort, for function, for protection, or any other purpose that suits you. You will start to figure it out as you go along and learn what your needs truly are once your play style starts to reveal itself to you. Though the hands are one of the more painful places to get shot in airsoft, there are many players both beginner and experienced who make do without gloves.

To measure your hand for glove sizing, use a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your hand below your knuckles. 

Small - 8"
Medium - 9"
Large - 10"
XL - 11"
XXL - 12"

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