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Upcoming Events

There are multiple games happening every week all around the state of Colorado. This page includes some of the scheduled games for the upcoming months along with some other events that take place off of the field. Make sure to check out our Colorado airsoft fields page for information on the various fields around our beautiful state.

This calendar is where we post the majority of the events that are going on in the next few weeks. These events can be anything from a local pickup game to a full-on national level OP to gear swaps and AARs here at the shop.

Events & Games With Fox Airsoft

The most common and frequent games that go on locally are at FAF Airsoft Field (located just 5 minutes from Fox Airsoft by car). These events usually consist of shorter games between 2 teams(Green and Tan) and usually run from 9am - 3pm. The game host changes from week to week so make sure to visit our FAF Airsoft Field page for more details on the field and an up to date game schedule.

Here at Fox Airsoft we do all that we can to get you in the game and stay in the game for as long as possible. That's why we arrange a Gear Swap every third Saturday of the month so players can come from all around and buy, sell, trade gear to/from each other. It's a great way to turn your junk into some very useful gear while also helping someone else in the community to do the same. Some people come to just sell while others come just to buy and some turn their used gear into more useful used gear. Come check it out for a great time, meet some fellow players and swap gear.