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Choosing the best optic or scope for your airsoft gun

Posted by George Church on 5th Jul 2022

Choosing the best optic or scope for your airsoft gun

One of the first add ons you should look into for a new airsoft rifle is a sight. Traditional iron sights are functional, but not quite easy to work with as something like a red dot sight. If you have a marksman rifle or a sniper, you’ll definitely want a rifle scope. 

So, what type of sight should you use? Let’s take a look.

Red Dot Scopes & Optics Choices for M4 Length Airsoft Rifles

If you’re using something like a traditional M4 or other standard-length rifles, you’ll probably be shooting from a close to medium range most of the time. This means you won’t want to use a magnified optic, as things like the eye relief and the weight make a large scope impractical for closer engagements. 

A red dot is a perfect option. They have no magnification and don’t require you to think about something like sight picture on an iron sight. You can easily use a red dot with both eyes open, and use your peripherals to make sure no one escapes your notice.

Red dots come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re using an SMG or a pistol, you’ll probably want to use something like this mini red dot. If you’re using a full-size rifle, you’ll probably want something a little larger like this cantilever red dot. You could also opt for an open sight like this one.

Scopes for Marksman Length Rifles

If you’re using a marksman rifle, you’ll want some magnification. You could use a standard rifle scope, or even this compact scope if you want to cut down on size and weight. If you’re using a sniper rifle, I’d definitely suggest a high-quality rifle scope with a bit more zoom, such as this one.

There are quite a few different models with varying price points. So, what’s the difference you’re paying for? The main differences will be in the features.

The least expensive red dots generally have an on off switch. 

The higher-end models will feature variable brightness. This is nice to have when you’re trying to conserve battery a little more, since you may not need the full brightness of your scope when you’re playing indoors or at night. It’s a bit easier on your eyes to use a lower brightness. If you’re out in the daylight, you’ll want the full power of your red dot so you can still see your dot in the bright sunlight.

High End Red Dots & Scopes

Some of the higher-end red dots feature a bit more customization. You can change the color of the red dot to green or sometimes even blue. On certain models, you can change the reticle between a standard dot, or different forms of crosshairs. 

This is a nice feature to have, so you can fine-tune the scope to function the way that works best for you.

With higher-end rifle scopes, you’ll get features such as variable zoom. This makes the scope a bit more versatile, so that if you’re shooting at a shorter or longer range you can fine-tune the length of zoom. You’ll also see certain models with illumination. This is a must if you play at night, as your crosshairs will light up like a red dot sight making them usable in the darkness.

While we’re talking about sights, you’ll definitely want to invest into a sight protector. There’s nothing worse than buying a nice sight, and having it shot out by a stray bb. These protectors mount on your rail in front of your sight, and may just save you from having to buy a second scope.

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