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ICS CXP-MMR Series AEGs | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Tang on

ICS is one of the oldest names in airsoft producing high quality replicas with precision and innovation being their strongest features. Their M4 style guns have seen the most evolution over the years and are offered in various flavors and budget levels.

Today we will focus on the CXP MMR series which is their pro line rifles that feature an MLOK rail system. There are three models in this lineup reflecting the different lengths you can get. The SBR (short barreled rifle) is the shortest variant and is ideal of close quarters type gameplay. The Carbine is the general purpose rifle of the bunch and features a barrel length that can be typically used for both indoor and outdoor play. The DMR (designated marksman rifle) version has the longest barrel and is designed to act as a long range AEG.

Click to see the ICS MMR DMR

All CXP guns are full metal and feature ICS's electric blowback. When you fire the gun the fake bolt moves back and forth simulating how a real bolt would move. You get a full metal body and a free floating MLOK rail system made of lightweight but durable aluminum. The SBR and Carbine have retractable stocks and the DMR has a fixed length sniper stock, all of which can hold a buffer tube Lipo battery. Metal flipup sights are included with the guns as well.

Inside the gun you have many upgraded features. This includes a metal hopup chamber and the well regarded ICS split gearbox. The split gearbox allows you to take down the rifle like a real M4 so you can quickly and easily inspect your parts for wear and tear. Having a split gearbox allows you to get to the desired components quicker and allow you to easily upgrade, diagnose, and maintain your gun. The gearbox is split into two halves so you have separate sections which you can quickly look at without doing what is typically a necessary full teardown. The upper gearbox holds all your air seal components. You also have the ability to quick change your springs without opening up the upper gearbox which is a very convenient feature.

The lower gearbox holds all the driven pieces such as the gears and motor, as well as the electrical components. Your switches are protected with the built in protection MOSFET which is an extremely useful feature to have for when you are running high performance LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. Another added feature that enhances durability is the decocker function built into the selector. When you put your ICS MMR on safe, the selector trips a release inside the gearbox which will release the spring tension thus reducing your chances of spring fatigue  over time.

Click to see the ICS MMR Carbine

Rounding out the package, every gun comes with an ICS TMAG 300-round high cap magazine. The TMAG high cap features a window which shows you if the magazine has BBs inside it helping you count your shots. Very handy when you want to do an ammo check without dropping your magazine.

Click to see the ICS MMR SBR

All in all the ICS CXP-MMR lineup is a feature rich pro line rifle series with all the functions a player could ever want and the looks that make it stand above the rest.


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