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Umarex MP7 AEG first impressions | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Tang on

Umarex MP7 AEG first impressions | Fox Airsoft

Check out the MP7 here!

Hey Tang with Fox Airsoft here! We have the new Umarex MP7 AEGs in and I wanted to give you a quick first impression. A full detailed video review is in the making. We're also giving away this gun in our gun giveaway if you want to enter!

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Since this is a first impression blog I want to keep it to a few simple points. The upcoming review should address all the mysteries about the gun though if you need more info.

  1. This AEG was built by VFC in partnership with Umarex and Elite Force. It was built from the ground up and is fully licensed by H&K hence the price tag.
  2. This is a true 1:1 scale AEG replica of the MP7, the first of its kind. The only other 1:1 scale MP7 is the Gas SMG Navy version, also by VFC and Umarex.
  3. AEGs are more practical to use and overall less expensive to run than a gas gun which is why this gun is so hot!
  4. The gearbox is proprietary in order to achieve the unique shape and size of the MP7. Proprietary does not necessarily mean bad but this gun packs performance for its size. It shoots CQB velocities (~350fps with 0.20g) and runs off 7.4 and 11.1v buffer tube Lipos.
  5. Something people don't talk about in their reviews is the RANGE. The hopup works beautifully and I cannot wait to show you the results.
  6. The magazine has a follower which cuts off the AEG when the last round is fired. Cool feature but if you insert the magazine without locking the follower down, you will damage it. People have complained but the elongated followers are a thing in other guns too (like KWA) so I don't know what the big deal is. This is an advanced feature and I dig it. People who are quick to bash it misunderstand it and overlook the quirks of other guns which I think is unfair. Quirky yes, but horrible? Naw.
  7. The weight is not magazine biased like the gas gun is so it's got better balance that the gas gun counterparts.
  8. This gun is metal wherever the real one is and mostly polymer like the real one too. This is a rigid and dense polymer, not crummy ABS plastic. If you're asking about a full metal MP7 and realism I think you need to do more research :P
  9. This being an AEG, I can use it year around in Colorado!

Check out the MP7 here!

I can't wait to run my Rainbow 6: Siege Bandit setup or my SEAL impression with this next time I'm out. I hope you are looking forward to our video review coming up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading!


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